150 Games Award

Congratulations Frances Jones

Frances joined Hamersley as an energetic 11 year old in 2007, playing in our Sub Junior Division 5 team. She has played 11 seasons since joining us, missing only a few of the early years and the 2019 season while she was away travelling.
Over these 11 seasons she has participated in 3 consecutive Grand Finals, walking away with 1 Premiership and 2 Runners up medals.
I have been lucky enough to Coach, Manage and Play with Frances over her many years with the club. She has always been the quiet achiever of the team, the reliable person who does the work behind play and swoops in to come away with an amazing intercept at the just right time.
She commits to every ball and is fierce – but is always the first person there to pick you up with a big smile, forever positive and encouraging to everyone on the team.
I have loved playing with you Frances! You have always made training and game day that little bit more fun!
On behalf of the club, congratulations on reaching your 150 game milestone Frances. We hope to see you around for the next milestone!
By Aimee Armstrong