Autoparts Toyota Legends Award

In order to reward players for long service and loyalty to the club, the Hamersley Netball Club Committee established what is known as the Autoparts Toyota Legends Award. Autoparts Toyota Genuine Parts sponsored Hamersley Netball Club from 1982 to 2010 (to the tune of $94,950.00) and Hamersley will be forever grateful. They will always be the foundation of our fantastic young women “The HNC Legends”.
A criterion has been established whereby a player earns points for their commitment and contribution to the club. A Legend must earn a minimum of 500 points as follows (a full criterion is listed in the Members Handbook):
  • Minimum of 10 years playing service to the club
  • Minimum of 150 games played
  • Minimum of 4 years coaching and or / voluntary umpiring (Not Paid)
  • Accreditation in coaching and or / umpiring
  • Minimum of 4 years club grading and / or umpiring assistance at grading
  • Individual points earned for – HNC Committee Member, National Selection, State Selection, Regional and Association Selection as a Player, Coach, Committee, Umpire or Manager
In our 44th year, Hamersley Netball Club has two eligible members to receive the Autoparts Toyota Legends Award.

Congratulations Hayley Butler

Who knew back in 2002 when Hayley joined Hamersley Netball Club for the first time as an enthusiastic and passionate 13 year old, that 19 years later she would be receiving her Legend award for the same club. Since 2002, Hayley has played every year and in that time, almost in every position, starting as a Goal Attack then transitioning to being an integral member of the Centre Court. In Hayley’s 19 years of playing, she has played more than 270 games and throughout that, she’s been a part of 7 Grand Finals and won 6 of those.
It didn’t stop at club though for Hayley who has progressed through the player pathway. She’s played for WDNA at Association Championships for 4 years, selected into the West Coast regional teams for 4 years and her determination and gutsy approach on court also saw her be selected and play in the State Netball League for Wheatbelt Flames for 2 years.
Hayley has achieved what most netballers can only dream of but playing wasn’t enough for Hayley. In only her second year at the club in 2003, she volunteered to umpire and swiftly moved up to achieve her C Badge and have the honour for umpiring Semi, Preliminary and Grand Finals for WDNA in 2011.
Throughout the years whilst achieving some fantastic milestones at the club, she was also beavering away at school and university resulting in her Communications Degree which if you’ve met Hayley, you know this is the perfect degree for her. Using the skills and knowledge she gained, she also volunteered to join the Hamersley Netball Club Committee as the Publicity Officer from 2011-2013, back again in 2016 and then for 2019 and 2020. Those fabulous social posts you see are the result of Hayley putting her own time and commitment into the club she loves.
Hayely receiving her 250 Games Milestone Award in 2018
Hayley has become a leader of the club that inspires and mentors other players coming through the ranks. Being the kind-hearted and generous person she is, Hayley put her hand up to pass down her knowledge and coach in 2018. Since then she has helped coached 3 teams, 2 to a Grand Final and 1 of those getting the premiership.
Hayley is the perfect example of a Hamersley member, she epitomises "be the best you can be" and I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of the Legend award. Throughout her 19 years at the club, Hayley has played, umpired, coached and served on the committee with commitment, loyalty and passion for the sport and club she loves. More importantly, she has inspired, mentored and helped not only her teammates and coaches but dozens of young girls who have joined the club.
If you’ve ever had the chance to play, coach, be coached or just be in the presence of Hayley, you know what a hard-working, supportive and all round champion she is. Hayley, you are an extremely valued member of this club, your passion for this sport and club is remarkable and we can’t wait to see where the future takes you! Congratulations on this award.

Congratulations Annie McKendry

Annie joined Hamersley Netball Club in 2009 as bright-eyed 11 year old and has played a total of 173 games for the club across 12 consecutive seasons. During this time Annie has achieved four premierships and one runner up title as a player and two premierships and one runner up title as a coach.
Over the years Annie has represented WDNA and WCNR five times at either Member Championships or in Development Squads. Annie always puts the club and her team first and this is reflected in the number of awards Annie has received over the years:
  • 2013 Rising Star Award
  • 2014, 2015 Vickie Carstairs All Star Team
  • 2016 Umpiring Excellence Award
  • 2018 Players Player Award
Annie receiving the Janine Birkett Rising Star Award in 2013
Annie is an example of true club all rounder. In 2015 achieving her National C Umpiring Badge and then in 2016 achieving her Intermediate coach accreditation.
The strength of our club is built on players (or legends) like Annie, who is a wonderful role model to everyone at Hamersley. Annie is there for her teammates, who volunteers her time on the committee and helps out wherever the club needs her.
Annie has a passion for netball and a love for the Hamersley Netball Club. It is a testament to Annie and our club culture that a player that I first met as a junior 11 years ago, I now call a friend and have the pleasure to watch Annie coach the next generation of Hamersley players. Our club is very fortunate to have such a dedicated and committed club member at Hamersley.
Annie on behalf of Hamersley Netball club we congratulate you on your Autoparts Toyota Legends Award and look forward to many more years of your involvement at Hamersley.