Courage Award

The Courage Award recipient for this year is Leah Hannent who represented Team 23 in 12U Division 1 in 2020. This year was a season which presented many challenges, from managing COVID-19 restrictions, which parent would hang on the fence each week, but in addition to all this and everything that was consuming our world and newsfeeds, our diligent, determined and brave young club member Leah was quietly taking the weekly ups and downs in her stride while facing her own battles.

Congratulations Leah Hannent

Very early on in the season, after a routine trip to the optometrist that turned into a few-days stay in the hospital, Leah faced a health scare which meant she may not have been able to continue playing netball this season. This was devastating for Leah, who had worked extremely hard during the Home Program Season, putting up shots and completing shooting cards like there was no tomorrow.
After much worry and tears from many, Leah was given the all-clear to continue playing the 2020 season while regularly monitoring how she was feeling. If you witnessed how positively and professionally Leah conducts herself on game day and at training, you would have no idea she was dealing with anything beyond what any other girl her age would be.
On top of this, Leah has done a tremendous job as Team 23 Co-Vice-Captain, always showing leadership on court by communicating with her teammates between quarters about what the opposition is doing and how best they can work together to win the ball. Leah is always respectful and listens when her coaches are speaking and sets an incredible example to her teammates.
We are so proud of Leah for rising above the adversity she has faced outside of netball this season, demonstrating resilience and maturity beyond her years all while navigating her first year of high school.
Leah is a talented young player who is very valued by her team and Hamersley Netball Club. As Leah continues to kick goals in her netball, health and life we are sure that her wisdom, leadership and positive attitude will shine, helping to lift those around her, and any team she is a part of in future.
Well done Leah, for being the best you can be.
By Hayley Butler and Adrienne Lang
Team Coaches – Team 23