Life Membership

Hamersley Netball Club Life Membership is an honour awarded to those who constantly give of themselves over a long period of time and what a pleasure it is to announce Aimee Armstrong as a Life Member in 2020.

Congratulations Aimee Armstrong

Where do I start with writing about this amazing human? Aimee Armstrong (nee Pense), the fiery, passionate, dedicated and talented person joined the club as a ripe 10-year-old back in 2003 – now married to Matt and mother to Flynn.
For the last 18 years, Aimee has given her all to Hamersley Netball Club and to the sport of netball. From player, to coach, to umpire, to committee member, to manager – I’m not sure if there is anything that Aimee hasn’t done for the club.
Year in and out she is a constant representation of the club and I’m pretty sure that if she bleeds, it would be red and blue.
Some of her commitments and achievements over the years include:
  • Player from 2003-2019 with 2 Premierships and 2 Runners Up
  • Total games played currently - 236
  • WDNA Development Squad
  • HNC Grading Committee for 4 years
  • State Indoor Representative
  • Vickie Carstairs All Stars Team for 4 years
  • HNC Legend
  • Coached for 12 years with 3 Premierships
  • Served on the HNC Committee for 7 consecutive years
  • Manager of Team 6 in 2014
  • HNC Umpire between 2007-2012
  • National C Umpiring badge
  • Umpired Finals series in 2010
Aimee receiving her Legend Award in 2015
Being one of Aimee's first coaches when she joined the club and having played with her for many years, I am so proud to say she is one of my closest friends and be able to award her as a life member for the club we both love.
You have been there for the good times, the bad times and all that is in between. We have shared many laughs, tears, frustrations and drinks along the way.
Keep doing what you do Aims, you’re an amazing asset to this club and I look forward to seeing what you achieve in the next 18 years.
By Donna Ling