Players Player Award

The Players Player Award is not intended as recognition of a team’s best player, but as an award for the best team person as voted by their fellow players. The award is based on the following criteria:
Team Player
Puts the team first. Does what is best for the team.

Operates within the team structure however can make a decision without the coach’s direction.

Inspires the team to do better. Raises the morale or the energy of the team.

Encourages others, shows respect to all team members and the opposition, accepts feedback, maintains a positive approach.

Good role model, coachable, respected by teammates.

Game Sense
Does the right thing at the right time.

Time Skilled
Always attends training and is punctual on game day.

Congratulations to the 2020 recipients of the Players Player Award

Team 1
Joely Carroll
Team 2
Amy Fuller
Team 3
Lauren Ramirez-Smith
Team 4
Grace Moran
Team 5
Brooke Butler
Team 6
Alex Morgan
Team 7
Kelli Elliss
Team 8
Melissa Harawira
Team 9
Darcie Richards
Team 10
Daniele Engelbrecht
Team 11
Jessii Blake Chitarra
Team 12
Tahlia Greene
Team 13
Abbey Smith
Team 14
Scarlett Clarke
Team 15
Brielle Gillmore
Team 16
Hayley Maunder
Team 17
Emma Lilford
Team 18
Chloe Fevre
Team 19
Te Huika Mason
Team 20
Evie Poulinet
Team 21
Gabriella Leeks
Team 22
Grace Stewart
Team 23
Jade White
Team 24
Lunay Van Den Heever
Team 25
Zadie Torkington
Team 26
Mackenzie Hall