Team 18

15U Division 5

Firstly, I want to say what a huge honour it was to be asked to coach Hamersley Team 18 this year. It was completely unexpected, and I was very overwhelmed, but the experience was really special and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.
To season 2020... after our first training session and meeting Team 18 and seeing their enthusiasm, my initial nerves all but vanished and I knew these girls would flourish.
We were unfortunate to lose a player in Thalia for the season before round 1, but the girls instantly clicked and after a round 1 draw, we reeled off 4 wins in a row.
After regrading, competition became fiercer but despite a full team of only 8 players, they showed amazing resilience and played out some hard fought contests and their progress was becoming more evident with each game.
We’d had 13U players previously fill-in for us but they became a more permanent inclusion after round 8 and 9 when injuries took hold and we were suddenly 3 players down. Fortunately the 13Us fit seamlessly into our team and more than held their own helping us secure our spot in finals.
It wasn’t until the Grand Final that we had our full team back, but despite not playing together for 3 games they took off where they left off and played out an amazing victory to become 2020 Premiers.
Grand Final celebration video
I’d like to thank Nicole our manager for keeping game days running smoothly, the fabulous parents for their support and understanding during a year like no other and Helen for all your help and advice behind the scenes. Most of all though, thank you Team 18 for making my job so easy. You were all a pleasure to coach and despite the many obstacles you faced throughout the year, you overcame them all and are very deserving winners. Butt running really paid off!
By Lia Riding