Team 20

13U Division 1

2020 is like no season we have ever seen, it challenged us as players, coaches and parents.
So, what did our team learn this year?
  • You could get a lot done in a one hour training session.
  • We love Krispy Crème glazed donuts.
  • We can play without spectators, but we loved having them cheer us on.
  • Not every game goes exactly according to plan no matter how hard we try.
  • The coach always has a reason for saying what she says.
  • To embrace our mistakes for this is where the greatest learning comes from.
  • When our team is challenged, we do not give up but embrace the challenge and work harder.
  • Winning all your games throughout the season does not mean that finals will be easy.
  • Grand Finals are hard to win and we will savour that winning feeling.
So, what did I learn this year?
  • That we have a wonderful community of parents that are willing to support you through tough times.
  • That I missed having an assistant coach on game days.
  • That our club has wonderful coaches willing to jump in and help out.
  • That I have the best manager ever, organised, consistent and who knows what I want and what I need before I even know I want or need it.
  • I missed hanging out at the courts between games talking to parents.
Grand Final celebration video
Most importantly of all I learnt that I still love coaching netball, and we have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to play this season.
Thank you to my amazing team of players who worked hard, embraced the challenges, and learnt from mistakes. You have all grown from those challenges and I cannot wait to see you all out on the courts next year.
Congratulations on an amazing 2020 season.
By Janine Birkett