Team 9

18U Division 1

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”Michael Jordan
There is the possibility of failure when you bring together 10 individuals that possess different skill sets and qualities and ask them to perform in harmony as one. To challenge one another for the greater good of the team, yet also satisfying their individual desires and thoughts of what success looks like to them. All to reach that one team goal – the Grand Final win.
Grand Final celebration video
What could have been a weakness, was in fact our greatest strength. You were given the freedom to let your individuality shine whilst maintaining our 2 focus areas which lead to completing the season undefeated. What made my heart ache with pride is that you never lost focus of those 2 areas and you pushed through winning games by outstanding margins.
Our shooters – Emma, Aitaua and Arwen a mixture of height, consistency and flare. In the grand final the opposition threw all their options at you and the three of you just mixed it up and dominated.
Our mid court – Anna, Robyn, Darcie and Taya. Our intercept queens, work horses and game pace changers. From a rocky start with injuries and illness you all found your feet and were an unstoppable quartet.
Our defenders – Lauren, Mikalya and Boudene. The invisible interceptor, the quiet high achiever and the voice of direction, interceptions and drive. The defence prowess of you all was a force to be reckoned with and no team could break you.
Robyn, our manager – thank you so much for the additional work you have had to do this season. Our parents who have been so supportive up close and from afar - your girls are a credit to you all. Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of their long and bright futures on and off the court.
By Michelle Cox