Issue 2
November 2021
In this second Hamlet for 2021 we recap the end of another successful season for Hamersley. We feature coverage of Grand Final Day including videos of the winning teams celebrations and photos of our MVP's, we remember Helen Pope, congratulate Fog's on her WDNA Spirit of Netball Award, show videos of milestone celebrations for Janine Friday, Michelle Cox, Sarah Campbell and Amy Fuller, congratulate our 19U and 17U State Reps, report on this year's Cake Stall, celebrate the welcome return to Joondalup Resort for our Annual Awards, say farewell to Heidi Leaver our Club Treasurer, highlight our new Suggestion Box and we have a note about the 2022 Registrations.
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Grand Final Day

On Saturday 18 September Hamersley had an incredible 10 teams competing in the Grand Final. This day was a complete contrast from 2020, not only was it a beautiful sunny day, but we also welcomed back with open arms our spectators. It was lovely to see so many friends and family supporting their teams in red, white, and blue.
Out of our 10 teams competing, 4 came away victorious. Congratulations to Teams 1, 3, 8 and 21 on your win.
Team 1 winners of the Open Division 1 Grand Final
Team 3 winners of the Open Division 2 Grand Final
Team 8 winners of the 18U Division 1 Grand Final
Team 21 winners of the 13U Division 3 Grand Final
Playing in a Grand Final is something not all players get to experience, a big congratulations to our 6 runners’ up; Teams 2, 4, 11, 13, 15 and 23.
Congratulations to the following Grand Final MVP winners:
MVP Georgia Morgan - Team 1 Open Division 1
MVP Simone Gates - Team 3 Open Division 2
MVP Paige Hancy - Team 8 18U Division 1
MVP Halle Richards - Team 13 15U Division 1
MVP Indya Belsham - Team 23 12U Division 3
In 2021 Hamersley had 23 teams, 16 of them made finals appearances. Congratulations to all teams on a successful year.

Helen Pope

Helen Pope was one of the greats at Hamersley, joining when she was just 9 years old in 1982. Across her many years at the club, Helen volunteered to umpire and coach. She reached her 300 game milestone in 2016 and was one of five inaugural recipients of the Autoparts Toyota Legends Award in 1997.
Our love and condolences are with Helen's family. Her big smile and generous personality will be forever remembered and missed by all at Hamersley.
Please read our tribute to Helen, may she rest in peace.

Congratulations Fogs

Congratulations Sarah "Fogs" Fogliani on being awarded the 2021 WDNA Spirit of Netball Award. Sarah received this award along with Miriam Ifold for the incredible work they both did setting up the WDNA’s inaugural Indigenous Round in recognition of National NAIDOC Week.
If you haven’t already seen the results of Sarah’s hard work take a look at Hamlet Issue 1 where you will find all the information about the day.
Congratulations Fogs on a very well deserved award!

Congratulations Janine

Janine's 400 game celebration
A huge congratulations to Janine Friday on an incredible 400 games played for Hamersley Netball Club.
Have you ever wondered how many years it would take to get to a milestone this big? Well, Janine did it in 27 years. During this time she has coached 19 teams and been a valued member of 18 committees. Janine is a great role model for all up and coming members of the club and has passed on her passion for the game to many kids. Anyone who has been lucky enough to play with or be coached by her would feel incredibly honoured to be a part of your journey to the big 400.
Janine’s impact on the netball community was highlighted by how many people came to celebrate, before, during and after her game.
As the first member to reach 400 games, Janine has extended the club record for games played. I wonder how long it will take for another member to reach this incredible milestone, if anyone is up for the challenge?
Congratulations Janine, this is an incredible achievement!
Please follow the link below for the day's celebrations.

Congratulations Michelle

Michelle's 250 game celebration
Congratulations Michelle Cox on 250 Games for Hamersley Netball Club.
Michelle has achieved this milestone across 25 years with a 7 year gap spent in the UK. Passionate, determination, committed and hard working are qualities in Michelle that many have been able to witness. During her time at the club she has also coached 11 seasons!
Michelle's post game celebration
In her 250th game, Michelle’s team HNC 2 won the Open division 2 preliminary final scoring them a spot in the Grand Final. Congratulations Michelle on this great milestone!

Congratulations Sarah

Sarah's 200 game celebration
Congratulations Sarah Campbell on 200 games for Hamersley Netball Club.
Sarah has been a member of the club for 19 years. During this time she has played with determination, passion and motivation for her fellow team members. Sarah lifts her team members and helps bring out the best in everyone she plays with. Congratulations on this milestone Sarah!

Congratulations Amy

Amy's 200 game celebration
Congratulations Amy Fuller on 200 games for Hamersley Netball Club.
After joining the club as a junior, Amy has gone on to play for the club for 15 years. Throughout this time she has displayed characteristics of a great team player through her positivity, encouragement and determination. On her 200th game Amy was competing in a Grand final with HNC Team 2. What an amazing effort. Congratulations on this milestone Amy!

Netball WA 19U State Squad

Congratulations to the following Hamersley members who have been announced in the Netball WA 19U State Squad!

Emily Alexander
Chelsea Cook
Zjana Herangi
Jamaica Jauncey
Jasmine Prentice

Netball WA 17U State Squad

Congratulations to the following Hamersley members who have been announced in the Netball WA 17U State Squad!

Sienna Birkett
Arwen Deans
Aitaua Enari
Shae Fitzgerald
Lauren Greene
Honey Harrington
Scarlet Jauncey
Serian Lockwood-Jones
Chloe Ramsay
Clara Wigley

Cake Stall

On Saturday 7 August Hamersley had its annual Cake Stall.
The day was a huge success with the generosity of club members shown through how many people brought food down and volunteered on the day. Thank you for all your help.
A big thank you to Nicole Fevre and Leanne Spivey for organizing the day, and to Victoria Dawe for stepping in at the last minute to help man the far court stall.
Special mention and thank you to Nat Ellis and Heidi Leaver for their assistance in the lead up, and to Victory Athletic for the use of their EFT machine.
The club raised over $1600 this year. What an incredible effort by the club and its members.

2021 Annual Awards

On Sunday 17 October we made a very welcome return to the spectacular Joondalup Resort to hold our 2021 Annual Awards after a year's absence due to COVID-19.
We're all set to go at Joondalup Resort
Welcome to the 45th Hamersley Annual Awards
Our fantastic MC for the day was the one and only Sarah "Fogs" Fogliani. Fogs as always did a brilliant job, the highlights being her legendary Q&A sessions. Always pay attention everyone, you never know what or who she will ask next!
This year Fogs had plenty of prizes to give away thanks to our new supporter Bendigo Bank who also gave the club a cash donation. We are excited to be planning a new sponsorship with them to be launched in 2022.
Sarah "Fogs" Fogliani our fantastic MC
Before we announced this year's awards winners, we acknowledged last year's 2020 major award winners.
2020 Major Award Winners: Hayley Butler (Legend), Chelsea Cook (All Rounder), Leah Hannent (Courage Award), Scarlett Clarke (Sportsmanship), Annie McKendry (Legend) & Janine Friday (Coaching Hall of Fame)
2020 Major Award Winner: Life Membership awarded to Aimee Armstrong
We then had our major 2021 awards for the day, congratulations to all of the following members:
Life Membership awarded to Sally Johnson
Autoparts Toyota Coaching Hall of Fame Award to Beth Harvey
President’s Award to Nat Ellis
Sportsmanship Award to Adrienne Lang
All Rounder Award to Amy Fuller
Courage Award to Jordan Pope
Rising Star Award to Macey Brown and Scarlett Clarke
Coaching Excellence Award to Janine Friday
Umpiring Excellence Award to Madison O'Boyle
To see all the award winners and fabulous foyer photos follow the link below:
The Hamersley Annual Awards would not have been such a great success without the help from the following people; Aimee Armstrong our Events Coordinator, Karla Hart our Annual Awards Event Coordinator, photographers Linda Firth and former player Sarah Trans (nee Palmer), Al Kennedy our Webmaster and Presentation designer, Sally Johnson our Website Coordinator, Kylie Hall our Awards Coordinator, Donna Ling our Yearbook designer, Janine Friday our Club Culture committee member, and of course our awesome MC Sarah "Fogs" Fogliani. Finally a big thank you to @stylishsoireesperth for donating the wonderful balloon feature in the foyer which looked fantastic in our club colours.

Forward Planning & Farewell Drinks

The Committee of Management (COM) enjoying well deserved refreshments after another successful Forward Planning Meeting.
Every year the COM set aside a day to review the previous season looking at 'what worked well' and 'even better if' and draw on these discussions when planning the next season. All sub committee positions are invited to attend for their timeslot.
One initiative that was discussed which has already been implemented this year is the Hamersley Suggestion Box, we hope that submissions from this will become an important addition to the forward planning agenda in the future.
Sadly, the committee also took this opportunity to say farewell to our Club Treasurer Heidi Leaver who is stepping down and moving back home to SA.
Heidi, we will miss seeing your smiling face around the club but wish you, Tori and all the Leaver family a safe journey and hope that our paths will cross again in the future.

Hamersley Suggestion Box

This year in place of our annual club survey we are opening up a Hamersley Suggestion Box, which will live in the Contact Us section on our website. If you have any ideas or feedback the committee would love to hear it.
Let's keep it positive and be mindful of our club values. We welcome all new ideas and constructive criticism with solutions.
All suggestions will be sent to our President Beth Harvey.
Registrations for the 2022 season will be opening mid December. Keep an eye on our website and socials for further details. See you in 2022!

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