Medication Check

Drug testing is generally reserved for higher levels; from State Netball League (WANL) to Australian team level. As a club we have a number of WANL players and a few State representatives who must be fully aware of the ASADA (Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority) prohibited substances.

Parents of younger athletes can still have access to this information if they wish to check any medications and start educating themselves about how to use the ASADA website and call centre.

Please note this is not advocating changing any medications prescribed by a Medical Provider, it is to start developing an awareness about ASADA prohibited substances.

ASADA Contact Details

ASADA’s telephone advice service (13 000 ASADA (27232)) and ‘Check your substances’ online tool available at www.asada.gov.au helps Australian athletes, doctors, coaches and support personnel to anonymously and immediately find out the status of their medications, substances and methods in sport.

Through the online tool and telephone advice service, ASADA provides athletes and support personnel with a reference number to document when they are advised that a substance or product is permitted in sport.

The Check Your Substances tool is updated on an ongoing basis. The full list, and a summary of all modifications are available on the WADA website: www.wada-ama.org/en

Please note on the ASADA website there are a number of very helpful information and education sites to investigate.