Top 10 Teams Leaderboard

The first 5 weeks of our home programs have seen members collectively clock an amazing 1184 sessions! What a fantastic effort and definitely an achievement the club is very proud of as it shows our Hamersley spirit is as strong as ever.
We have been keeping a tally of the number of weekly sessions completed by each team. The results are now in and we can reveal the Top 10 Teams Leaderboard.
The competition is very close indeed and the title of Best 2020 Home Training Team is up for grabs and within reach for many teams. Will your team rise to the challenge? Lets bring on the 2020 home training tournament.
Week 8 Top Ten Teams Leaderboard
Congratulations to Team 2 for holding on to the top spot throughout the 8 weeks of recorded Home Program sessions. Well done to all teams, the competition was very close with the total of 1829 sessions being recorded.
Updated: 19 May 2020
Coach: Alexis Stevens
Alexander, Emily
Ash, Madeleine
Cox, Michelle
Fuller, Amy
Gates, Simone
Harrison, Chloe
Herangi, Zjana
Heron, Lucy
Hunter, Maddie
Rafferty, Charley
Richardson, Olivia
Coach: Dan Coleman
Brookes, Olivia
Clarke, Scarlett
Ellis, Katherine
Garlett, Jekylah
Harrington, Honey
Russo, Mia
Scott, Chanel
Scott, Skye
Van Der Merwe, Layla
Walters, Zayla
Co-Coach: Adrienne Lang
Co-Coach: Hayley Butler
Belsham, Madison
Bowerman, Macey
Clarke, Charli
Hannent, Leah
Henriques, Tayla
Koch, Jade
Larranaga, Sophia
Leeks, Abigail
Samuels, Aqua
White, Jade
Co-Coach: Vickie Carstairs
Co-Coach: Zenda Cocivera
Brown, Hannah
Burch, Indiarna
Dawe, Gabrielle
Frazer, Grace
Gillespie, Caitlyn
Hall, Mackenzie
Lynch, Rami
Ninyette, Isabella
Waghorn, Darcee
Williams, Isabella
Team 3
Coach: Sarah Fogliani
Haywood, Emily
Hughes, Marli
Mann, Nicole
Maynard, Abby
Ramirez-Smith, Lauren
Ramirez-Smith, Roberta
Sanzone, Ellie
Simiyu, Kenisha
van Wyk, Fallon
Walton, Gemma
White, Amelia
Coach: Jessamyn Lumb
Barilla, Amanda
Brown, Macey
Crane, Olivia
Edwards, Erika
Gillmore, Brielle
King, Alivia
McPhail, Ella
Moala, Eloise
Stokes, Kya
Vidovich, Chloe
Coach: Tricia Anderson
Best, Evie
Buckley, Jaydn
Davis-Gray, Kamryn
Davis, Jaimie
Elborough, Ashlee
Fevre, Brooke
Harbison, Ella
Lockwood-Jones, Bethan
Van Den Heever, Lunay
Vu, Eliza
Co-Coach: Angie Brown
Co-Coach: Jade Munzer
Breeze, Daisy Rose
Davis, Mackenzie
Dawe, Charlotte
Gill, Jasmine Kaur
Iosia, Alycia
Scriba, Monya
Smith, Catherine
Torkington, Zadie
Wooldridge, Emily
Team 1
Coach: Beth Harvey
Campbell, Sarah
Carroll, Joely
Cook, Chelsea
Dronfield, Elizabeth
Fullgrabe, Molly
Gibson, Meg
Morgan, Georgia
Rafferty, Sydney
Rowles, Laura
Smith, Toni-Marie
Stokes, Hana
Coach: Ellie Sanzone
Atkinson, Lily
Best, Maya
Birkett, Sienna
Broughton, Libby
Leaver, Tori
Newland, Charlotte
Pezzando, Giorgia
Ramsay, Chloe
Smith, Abbey
Wigley, Clara