Milestone Game Filming

Milestone games are special moments in Hamersley’s history and the memory of this happy celebration is something the club loves to capture on video as well as photographs.
Here are a few helpful tips:
  • If using an Android phone check that your video aspect ratio is set to record at 16:9
Start filming early as the crowd gathers for the celebration, it’s great to see the club members building the excitement of the celebration and then the fun and laughter afterwards. Don’t worry about the length of the video, the website team can edit if necessary. You can see previous milestone celebrations on our YouTube channel.
From past experience we have found it helps to have someone standing next to the person filming with a “cheer” sign. Groups tend to be static whilst photos are taken, so raising the sign periodically to prompt a cheer lifts the video and makes it more interesting.
Submitting Video & Photograph
  • All teams have a Dropbox folder for submitting slideshow photos for the annual awards night. Milestone footage can also be uploaded to this folder.
  • Managers, if someone else is filming can you supply their email address to our website coordinator Sally Johnson so she can add them to your team’s Dropbox admin.
  • Always upload photos and videos at their original size, do not scale down as this results in loss of quality.
Social Media
  • Please forward celebration photos (maximum 6) via Dropbox ASAP and let Sally know when you have done so. The milestone team will have socials prepared and ready to post as soon as we have a celebration photo or photos to accompany it.