Issue 1
April 2019
Our first Hamlet for the season includes a complete list of our 2019 committee members, a reminder about communicating with WDNA, a report on the WDNA building redevelopment, a note about taking photos on a Saturday, WDNA, Metro League, WANL, State and Umpiring netball achievements, a message of thanks from Emma Johnson (a former Team 1 player now living in New Zealand)... plus a new arrival!
Hamersley Netball Club Inc. is run by a dedicated committee appointed each year at our Annual General Meeting. This year has seen some changes made to our committee:

2019 Committee of Management

Alexis Stevens
Vice President
Mel Hunter
Jackie Horner
Nat Ellis
Open Coordinator
Beth Harvey
Junior Coordinator
Janine Birkett
Athlete & Coach Welfare
Lyn Pemberton
Club Registrar
Sue Rawlings
Sally Johnson
Aimee Armstrong
Janine Friday

2019 Subcommittee

Admin Assistant:
Helen Pope
Annual Awards Event:
Karla Hart
Kylie Hall
Jasmin Clarke & Nat Freeman
Club Records:
Maddie Cuillo
Equipment Coordinators:
Vickie Ellery & Tania Mason
Fundraising - Events:
Nicole Fevre & Sue McKendry
Fundraising - Raffle:
Leanne Spivey & Jane White
Annie McKendry
Leadership Coordinator:
Monica Simmons
Managers Coordinator:
Danielle Gilsenan
No Limits Coordinator:
Amy Fuller
Social Media:
Hayley Butler
Uniform Coordinator:
Sue Moran
Volunteer Roster:
Audrey Cairney
Alistair Kennedy
Year Book:
Donna Ling

2019 Committee Support

Governance Advisor:
Alison Buggins
Parent Liaison:
Leanne Newland
Club Physiotherapist:
Dave Moala
Club Photographer:
Linda Firth
Umpiring Coordinator:
Alana Penny
Monday 29 April
Term 2 Strength & Conditioning Commences
Thursday 2 May
HNC Committee Meeting
Saturday 4 May
WDNA Game 1
Tuesday 28 May
SUPER6 Club Night
SUPER6 is a pre-season fun competition that's held every other year. This year's event was due to take place on Sunday 7 April but has been rescheduled to Tuesday 28 May, which will supersede training.
The main aim of the event is for players to get to know other members of the club. Teams are made up with a mix of different ages to form a Junior and Senior competition. Played as a round robin, the top two teams from each competition play off in a grand final. Players are encouraged to dress up in their team colours and a prize is given to the best dressed team in each competition. Special rules apply such as 6 positions per team and rolling substitutions.
Sat 1 - Mon 3 June
Smarter Than Smoking Association Championships
The Smarter Than Smoking Association Championships are held annually to provide representative participation at all levels within an Association for players, coaches, officials, managers and administrators. The Championships provide the opportunity for the talent identification of players, coaches and umpires, the testing of umpires and an opportunity for Associations to test their pathway progressions against other Associations.
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Communication with WDNA

We have two committee members that are our registered WDNA contacts and only these two people are permitted to talk to WDNA. On a Saturday, Managers may only approach the match office if they have an official WDNA card to present. THERE CAN BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THESE RULES.

WDNA Building Redevelopment

By Michael Chessells
Parent Member
Hamersley understands that members are interested in the current redevelopment by WDNA. The Club has conducted investigations of what the building works comprise and set out below is a synopsis for your information.
The project is to refurbish and rebuild the existing WDNA administration facility within the general footprint of the current building. The functions and form of the building will remain essentially unchanged although the building, fittings and fixtures will be modernised, and additional toilets will be provided. It is a valuable project that will significantly enhance the netball experience for WDNA members over many years and WDNA, the City of Wanneroo and the State Government should be congratulated for their support.
Building work of the type proposed would generally take in the order of 12 to 18 months, so this would have presented challenges to the design team as WDNA cannot vacate the site for this long. In order to allow continued operation of WDNA during building works, it was decided that the project be conducted in stages.
The building design drawings are set out below. The staged components are:
Administration building as the headquarters for WDNA
Amenities building with lots of ladies' toilets and a first aid room
Changerooms, commercial canteen and toilets to service the meeting hall
Refurbishment of the meeting hall
External hard and soft landscaping works to consolidate all new buildings
The administration and amenities buildings have commenced construction. It is expected that the canteen, hall and changeroom works will commence at the completion of the 2019 winter season. The initial construction fencing arrangement is in place, so what you see now is the likely extent of restricted site access for the coming season.
There will inevitably be some loss of amenity to users over the period, but the end result will be worth it. We hope the plans provided will help you understand the works as you watch it happen in 2019.

WDNA Photography

Please be aware of WDNA's photography and videography policy. Before taking any photos or videos on a Saturday, check the scorecard! If the opposition team does not give their consent for photography and videography there will be an alert sticker on the scorecard. Your efforts are appreciated.
We will be asking all the managers to organize game play photos of their teams for inclusion in our end of season Annual Awards presentation. However, for any of you budding photographers out there who'd like to start taking photos for your manager, we have a Photography Guideline page to help you take the perfect shot!
These photos are a great resource for the club and may also be used for promotional purposes on the website, social media and Hamlets.
PLEASE NOTE: Any photos taken using a SMARTBALL® are not admissible!


Visit our website to see our 2019 Top Achievements page.
Congratulations to the following members who have been selected to represent WDNA in the Smarter Than Smoking Association Championships taking place Saturday 1 - Monday 3 June.
Coach: Nicole Mann
Assistant Coach: Jessamyn Lumb
Lucy Heron
Emma Schonfeldt
Fallon van Wyk
Training Partner:
Kahliiyah Eades

15U - Team 1
Jasmine Cranwell
Andrea Mitic
Leuk Nelson Marsden
Jasmine Prentice
Darcie Richards
Training Partners:
Zjana Herangi
Emma Hollis
Annke Schmidt

14U - Team 1
Lily Atkinson
Amanda Barilla
Sarah Chessells
Ariana Ellery
Thalia Lemus Cardona

14U - Team 2
Coach: Amanda Tremaine
Assistant Coach: Angie Brown
Ruby Doran-Bryce
Hayley Maunder
Eloise Moala
Ella Wilkinson

13U - Team 1
Sienna Birkett
Brielle Gillmore
Olivia Jolley
Tori Leaver
Serian Lockwood-Jones
Chloe Ramsay
Skye Scott
Zayla Walters

13U - Team 2
Olivia Brookes
Macey Brown
Scarlett Clarke

12U - Team 1
Coach: Adrienne Lang
Assistant Coach: Lauren Lang
Brooke Challen
Olivia Crane
Alivia King
Evie Poulinet
Jessie Riccadonna
Chloe Vidovich
Clara Wigley

12U - Team 2
Zahra Buckley
Erin Kretschmer

12U - Team 3
Sienna Keeling
Molly Moala

Coach: Tricia Anderson
Congratulations to the following members who were selected to represent WDNA in the pilot season of Metro League. The competition saw the best players, coaches and umpires of each Association involved in a 9-week competition held at the State Netball Centre and Perth Netball Association, from 8 February - 5 April.
Finished 4th Place
Madi Vanzetti *
Yasmin Hunter
Emily Haywood (VC)
Jacinta Ramirez-Smith
Karlien Van Wyk

Coach: Nicole Mann
Manager: Emma Heeley
Gian Dowsen
Grace Moran
Alex Morgan (C)
Kenisha Simiyu (MVP)

Head Coach: Janine Friday
Manager: Leanne Spivey
Anna Charles (MVP)
Chelsea Cook
Sophie Freeman (C)
Ellen Gastevich
Anzel Jansen
Jessie Kirk
Kira Milankov *
Amelia White
Nakeiyah Pitt
Training Partners:
Amy Harrison
Lucy Heron

Assistant Coach: Ellie Sanzone
Manager: John Deans
Arwen Deans (MVP)
Shae Fitzgerald
Lily Gilsenan
Paige Hancy
Taya Herangi
Giorgia Pezzando
Robyn Windeatt (C)
Danielle Engelbrecht
Lauren Green
Sofaia Talemaira
Training Partners:
Sarah Chessells
Amanda Barilla

* former Hamersley member
Hamersley would like to congratulate the following players who have been selected for WANL clubs in 2019. We are very proud to have so many Hamersley Club members playing in so many teams across the whole WANL competition. Well done to all players!
Curtin Hamersley Comets

Kristy Horner
Georgia Morgan
Sydney Rafferty
Ellie Sanzone *
Toni-Marie Smith
Tracey Swami *

Emily Alexander
Meg Gibson *
Marli Hughes
Maddie Hunter
Keisha Kean
Lily Pepper *
Charley Rafferty
Lauren Ramirez-Smith
Olivia Richardson
Gemma Walton

* former Hamersley member

East Freo Sharks

Emma Cosh *

Olivia Fowler *

* former Hamersley member

Southside Demons

Katherine McKenzie

Roberta Ramirez-Smith
Training Partner:
Jacinta Ramirez-Smith

West Coast Warriors

Hana Stokes

Joely Carroll *
Liz Dronfield
Ella Tudor Roberts
Ashleigh Weyer
Training Partner:
Chloe Hodkinson *

* former Hamersley member

Western Roar

Lindal Rhode *

Chloe Harrison
Emily Hathaway *

* former Hamersley member
Beth Harvey, Chelsea Bartlett (Curtin Hamersley Comets Player), Toni-Marie Smith, Liz Dronfield and Taryn Smith
Congratulations to the following members who have been selected to represent WA in the 2019 National Netball Championships.
Netball WA State Team Selections

Assistant Coach: Beth Harvey
Toni-Marie Smith
Training Partners:
Meg Gibson
Sydney Rafferty (Withdrawn)

Assistant Coach: Taryn Smith
Liz Dronfield (VC)

Congratulations to Isabella Trandos who achieved her National C Badge Accreditation after the end of last season.

Strength & Conditioning

Registrations are open for Term 2 of our 2019 Strength & Conditioning program.
This year the model has been changed to better accommodate individual needs. The program is now based off a movement competency model. Individuals progress to the next training level only when they can demonstrate proficiency in key movement patterns.
Head over to our Strength & Conditioning page to read more.
Term 2 commences 29 April, registrations close 24 April.

Thank you Hamersley

By Emma Johnson
Former Team 1 Player
A message to Lyn, Beth, Janine, Vickie, Alexis and everyone else who has coached me!
I’m just about to start my first New Zealand netball season and I’m so excited, but I’m also a bit nervous! My team has huge potential but as I’m so used to playing with Hamersley I’ve never felt so underprepared for a season!
It’s made me realise how lucky I was to be part of such an amazing club with the best coaches in my life! It started with Janine, she taught me manners, how to respect coaches and players and all my basic skills.
I have learnt so much from all of my coaches which I use in everyday life and netball. Everyone keeps commenting on my one handed shoulder pass! Isn’t that normal? Haha!!
Anyway, I just want to say thank you and that you are all doing an amazing job and I really miss you all.
Love EmJ

New Arrival

Please welcome to the world and to our Hamersley Netball family, Flynn Cooper Armstrong, born 27 February 2019 at 6:05pm, weighing 8lb 5oz (3.85kg) and 53cm long. Flynn is our lovely Aimee Armstrong and husband Matt's first baby. Hamersley wishes you all the best.

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Do you have a news story or maybe a video of your team you want to share in the next Hamlet? If so please email Annie McKendry, our Hamlet Coordinator.
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