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2019 Hamersley WANL Players
Hamersley would like to congratulate the following players who have been selected for WANL clubs in 2019.
Curtin Hamersley Comets
Molly Fullgrabe - Open
Kristy Horner - Open
Georgia Morgan - Open
Sydney Rafferty - Open
Ellie Sanzone - Open
Toni-Marie Smith - Open
Tracey Swami (former player) - Open
Emily Alexander - 20U
Meg Gibson - 20U
Marli Hughes - 20U
Maddie Hunter - 20U
Keisha Kean - 20U
Lily Pepper - 20U
Charley Rafferty - 20U
Lauren Ramirez-Smith - 20U
Olivia Richardson - 20U
Gemma Walton - 20U

East Freo Sharks
Emma Cosh (former player) - Open
Olivia Fowler (former player) - 20U

Southside Demons
Roberta Ramirez-Smith - 20U

West Coast Warriors
Hana Stokes - Open
Joely Carroll - 20U
Liz Dronfield - 20U
Ella Tudor Roberts - 20U
Ashleigh Weyer - 20U
Chloe Hodkinson (former player) - 20U Training Partner

Western Roar
Chloe Harrison - 20U
Emily Hathaway - 20U
Lindal Rhode (former player) - Open
We are very proud to have so many Hamersley Club members playing in so many teams across the whole WANL competition. Well done to all players!
Posted: 15th January 2019
2019 Curtin Hamersley Comets Teams Announcement
Curtin Hamersley Comets Head Coach Alexis Stevens has today announced the three Comets teams to compete in the 2019 WA Netball League in Women’s Open and 20U, and Men’s divisions.
Women's Open Team
Chelsea Bartlett
Sarah East
Molly Fullgrabe
Mia Henderson
Kristy Horner
Eli Johnstone
Georgia Morgan
Claire Pickerill
Sydney Rafferty
Ellie Sanzone
Toni-Marie Smith
Tracey Swami

Women's 20U Team
Emily Alexander
Jennifer Brown
Ivy Chamberlin
Meg Gibson
Marli Hughes
Maddie Hunter
Keisha Kean
Lily Pepper
Charley Rafferty
Lauren Ramirez-Smith
Olivia Richardson
Gemma Walton

Men's Team
Kamran Ahmed
Joel Anderson
Brad Anderson
Kristofa Charlie
Elliot Clark
Brendan Flegg
Alistair Gray
James King
Robert King
Kevin Maunder
Joel Maylor
Wade Moore
Alexis said the trials, as well as the offers and acceptance period was very successful for the Comets with three well balanced teams being selected.
“I am so pleased with the Comets list for 2019. We’ve got a very talented squad and I am confident they will all thrive in the Comets environment. All three of our teams have great mixture of youth and experience. Also it’s great to see a number of Hamersley club players and Curtin Uni students or alumni in the group.”
Announcements regarding training partners, assistance coaches and the support teams will be made by the Comets in the coming weeks.
Round 1 of WANL is scheduled for 31st May 2019 at the State Netball Centre.
Posted: 14th January 2019
2019 Committee of Management Nominations Are Now Open
Nominations for 2019 Hamersley Netball Club Committee of Managment positions are now open and will close on Tuesday 22nd January. Any nominations received after this date will not be accepted.
Posted: 8th January 2019
2019 Registrations Are Now Open!
Links to the 2019 Registration Forms are now available through MyNetball on our 2019 Registrations & Trials page.
Posted: 2nd January 2019
KidSport enables eligible Western Australian children aged 5 to 18 years to participate in community sport and recreation by offering them financial assistance of up to $150 per calendar year towards club fees. Visit their website to check your eligibility and find out how KidSport works. KidSport is funded by The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.
Posted: 2nd January 2019
Hamersley 2019 AGM
Hamersley Netball Club will be holding its 2019 AGM on Tuesday 29th January at 7:00pm - 7:30pm. The meeting will be held at the Olympic Kingsway Sports Club, Bellerive Drive, Kingsway.
Committee of Management Nominations open Tuesday 8th January.
Posted: 28th December 2018
New Bank Details
Please be aware that Hamersley Netball Club has now changed to Macquarie Bank. The new bank details can be found here. All payments need either your MyNetball Participant ID or Name as reference.
Posted: 28th December 2018
Hamersley 2019 Calendar
Start planning your year, the 2019 Hamersley Calendar is out now!
Registrations open 2nd January.
Trials commence 3rd Feburary.
For further information please visit our Registrations & Trials page.
Posted: 12th December 2018
Curtin Hamersley Comets Men's Team
Representatives from the four WANL clubs with a Men's team licence for 2019-2021, met with Netball WA to discuss the results of the 2018 Men's WANL survey.
After reviewing the survey results and discussing as a group, it was agreed that each WANL club would offer a number of players a spot on their Men's list for 2019. The remaining positions in the team would then be offered via a trials process.
Curtin Hamersley Comets are excited to announced the following players who accepted their offer:
Joel Anderson
Kristofah Charlie
Alistair Gray
James King
Robert King
A trial on Friday 14th December 2018, 7pm at Curtin University Stadium will be used to determine the remaining offers. If you are interested in trialling please complete this Trial Registration Form.
Posted: 3rd December 2018
Follow Curtin Hamersley Comets On Social Media!
Stay up-to-date with all things Curtin Hamersley Comets and follow the new Facebook page and Instagram.
Posted: 19th November 2018
Curtin Hamersley Comets Trial Registration Form Now Open
Trials will be held in the world class Curtin University Stadium
The Curtin Hamersley Comets Trial Registration Form for Women's Open and 20U teams is now open. Registrations close 7pm Thursday 6th December 2018.
Men interested in playing for Curtin Hamersley Comets should complete the Netball WA Survey before Wednesday 13th November 2018 and select 'Hamersley-Curtin Netball Club' as their first choice. Pending confirmation from Netball WA and the Men’s WANL working group, more information about trials for the Men’s Team will be available here shortly.
For further information visit our new Curtin Hamersley Comets page.
Posted: 10th November 2018
Introducing Curtin Hamersley Comets
Curtin Hamersley Comets is a collaboration between Curtin University and Hamersley Netball Club Inc. Awarded a WA Netball League Licence for 2019-2021, Curtin Hamersley Comets will enter teams into the Women’s Open and 20U divisions, and the Men’s Open division.
Based at Curtin University Stadium, the Comets teams will train in the world class Curtin Stadium and Fitness Centre.
For further information visit our new Curtin Hamersley Comets page.
Posted: 10th November 2018
Curtin Hamersley WANL Head Coaches
Curtin Hamersley are pleased to announce the following Head Coaches appointments for the WANL 2019 season:
Women's Open Head Coach: Alexis Stevens
Women's 20U Head Coach: Brianna Barber
Men's Open Head Coach: Amanda Love
Trial forms for the Women’s teams will be available shortly. Information about the Men’s team trials is pending confirmation by Netball WA and the Men’s WANL working group.
Posted: 4th November 2018
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