2020 Team Photo Guidelines

Formal Photo
Fun Photo
Due to the COVID-19 restrictions this year, teams are requested to take their own Team Photos. These photos will be published at the end of the season in this year's Yearbook and on our website. Below are guidelines to help you take the best photos for us.
  • Everyone must be wearing appropriate Hamersley apparel.
  • Ensure your camera or smart phone is set to take the highest resolution possible.
  • Photos must be landscape.
  • No night-time photos.
  • To keep a consistent look and feel across all the team photos they should be taken outside on grass with bushes or trees in the background; parks are good venues.
  • Take the photos on a bright day but be careful about shadows falling across faces and avoid late afternoon, the light is not so good.
  • Take a few photos in case anyone has their eyes closed.
  • If you don't have access to a bench the front row players can be kneeling.
  • Don't worry about framing your photos perfectly. You can leave a bit of background space around your team and we will crop into it afterwards.
  • We will need 1 formal and 1 fun photo. Look through our 2019 Team Photos, or previous years in our Gallery for ideas.
  • In the fun photo please don't have anyone sticking their tongue out or posing with strange hand gestures.
  • Attach 1 formal and 1 fun photo at their ORIGINAL SIZE in an email to our Website Coordinator Sally Johnson at: websitehnc@gmail.com
  • Finally, in your email please write down your Team Number and what division you play in. Write down the names of everyone who is in the formal photo ensuring all names are spelt correctly. Please write "Front row from left to right...." and the same for the back row and list anyone who is absent.
  • The closing date for your team photos is 31 August 2020.