Issue 1
April 2020
In this first issue for 2020 we have A Message From Our Vice President, we feature our exciting Hamersley Home Programs and the $200 Rebel Voucher Competitions, a reminder about how to get on our Top 10 Leaderboards, we report on the Stirling Times coverage of our Home Programs, wrap up The Sportscover Clubbies 2020 Awards, list Hamersley member Achievements, have news of a grant from the Federal Government Stronger Communities Program, congratulate Hayley Butler on her wedding earlier this year, announce an Engagement, and finally we have a How Are You Self-Isolating Survey that we hope you will fill out!
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A Message From Our Vice President

Mel Hunter
Vice President
Welcome to our first Hamlet for 2020 and wow, how things have changed since our teams were announced at the beginning of March.
By now we had all hoped that our training sessions would have been in full swing and that each of our 26 teams were bonding and working together on their fitness and skills whilst being keen, excited and enthusiastic to commence the 2020 season.
I know how disappointed I am that these things have not been able to proceed, so I am well aware of how you all must be feeling in this very ‘strange and confusing’ time.
I am extremely proud of the efforts that you are all putting in with either your home training programs or the support that you are giving each other during these uncertain times. I love seeing the updates and posts on our social media sites, so please keep them coming. Hamersley prides itself on being a ‘family’ so if you know anyone that might need some help, motivation or just a friendly hello, please reach out. Please know, that we are all in this together and that we are here for you all.
The Hamersley Committee want you to know that you our members are and always will be our number 1 priority, so please be assured that once we are given any updates or any news comes to hand from either WDNA or Netball WA, about the commencement of training or details of the season, we will immediately inform you.
So, until we can all meet on the courts once again, keep up your fitness and skills, stay healthy and focused but most of all stay happy and safe surrounded by your loved ones.

Hamersley Home Programs

On 22 March, Hamersley released its first of three online home programs to help our members keep active while improving their basic netball skills. These programs have already had a great response from many of our members with players of all ages participating in weekly sessions. If you are missing your Tuesday night training sessions and haven’t completed a session yet, then join in on the fun and start a home program today!
Designed to develop technique and accuracy we have the Hamersley Shooting Hub for all our shooters to keep their eye in. This program utilizes shooting cards for you to follow and weekly tips which help improve shooting technique. Although the target for participation is the shooters in the club, I know for a fact we have a few centre courters and defenders who might enjoy completing a session or two. Grab your ball and shoot for the stars.
Caitlyn, one of our 11U players, practicing her shots
We have the Hamersley Run Club, which is a program made of two parts, the first builds your aerobic fitness whilst the second focuses on building your speed. This twice a week program should be completed on grass and takes between 45 and 60 minutes to complete. The Run Club is a great way to be active while getting your daily dose of fresh air.
18U Ariana getting her daily dose of fresh air
Who said they miss their Hamersley training sessions? We have the perfect program for you, the Hamersley Fundamentals program. This twice a week program consists of approximately 60 minute sessions which focus on footwork and ball skills. The only equipment you will need are; a netball, 6 cones (or 6 substitutes – but don’t go borrowing your parents expensive glass vases), towel/yoga mat and mini bands.
Hayley, one of our Open players, is ready for some fundamentals
These programs are FANTASTIC, but don’t just take my word for it, hear it from your fellow players completing these sessions.
Emily Haywood, one of our Open players, has been participating in the Hamersley Run Club and has the following to say:
The sessions are really well structured and have great application to the sport of netball. Too often running programs aren’t specific to our game of netball and require you to run kilometers on end. The Hamersley Run Club includes repeat effort activities at a high intensity that are an exact replica of a game of netball. We attack, we defend and go again. The sessions definitely get the heart rate up and are pushing me to return to my Hamersley family in my best possible condition when we are able to.
Sienna Birkett is one of the clubs 15U players who has been completing the Hamersley Shooting Hub and has a few words to inspire her fellow shooters to get involved:
At first I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to do the shooting cards as I didn’t want to see how many shots I missed. I kept working on them and the more cards I did the more my confidence grew. Now when I do the cards I don’t focus on how many shots I miss, I focus on the positive of how many shots I get. My advice to any shooters who are nervous about starting the cards is just do it and keep going with it. The more you shoot the better you feel.
Maddie Hunter, another one of our Open players, has completed sessions from the Hamersley Fundamentals program and she said the following:
I love it because it’s like a Hamersley training session at home, it’s good to be able to work on our basic skills and at the same time be safe at home. Even though I miss training with the Hamersley squad, if everyone does a little something every day then we will all come back fitter and better.
Marni Cloete is one of our 18U players who has participated in the Hamersley Run Club. Marni says:
The Run Club is really good for pushing yourself hard, getting your activity up and maintaining a good fitness level during social-isolation. It’s something nice and active to do since all other sports are cancelled. I really enjoy doing them and improving myself every week.
Olivia Richardson is one of our Open players who has participated in both the Hamersley Shooting Hub and Run Club. Olivia says:
I have really enjoyed both programs as they have helped me to stay motivated! I have definitely seen an increase in my shooting percentage and am able to really focus on my technique. Both the programs are well structured and definitely beneficial.

$200 Rebel Voucher Competitions

If the inspiring words from your fellow players and the thought of returning to netball without putting a foot on court doesn’t motivate you to participate in the programs, then how about a little healthy competition? Hamersley have not one but TWO $200 Rebel Sport vouchers to give away. If you want to be in the running to win these vouchers, here’s how to do it.
Competition 1
Our first competition is our Home Program Participation Competition. Simply put, if you participate then you’ll be in the race. For every time you complete a weekly session, you will be awarded an entry into the draw to win that amazing $200 Rebel Sport voucher.
15U Katherine powering through the Run Program
The more you participate, the greater your chance of winning. Even if you don’t win that $200 Rebel Sport voucher, you will still be a winner, because when we are finally unleashed on the netball court we all love so much, it will seem like we never left. The draw will take place at the end of the Home Program season.
Competition 2
Competition number two is the Social Media Competition. All you have to do is wear your Hamersley uniform while participating in the home programs and show us your netball moves.
Open player Hayley enjoying the glorious sunset
This competition is done via Instagram, post a photo while completing your sessions and tag @hamersleynetballclub and use the hashtag #HNCHomeProgram for your chance to win that $200 Rebel Sport voucher. What are you waiting for? Use your imagination and get posting! May the best social media wizard win. The club will pick the most engaging post from over the Home Program season.
Hamersley isn’t just a netball club, it is a family. Now is the time to dig deep and bring each other together through the power of social media. Get on your phones, call and text your friends and challenge them to a Hamersley Home Program. We’ve seen many self-isolation challenges across the world on social media from the 5km run, throwback photos to putting a shirt on whilst holding a handstand. Next will we see the Hamersley Home Program Challenge?
We're all in this together
Each time you complete a session, all you have to do is nominate a few of your fellow Hamersley players via social media to complete a session too. Each nomination you get represents one session – so for those lucky souls who have been at the club for a while, you may have a few sessions to complete. This challenge holds no boundaries and I look forward to updating you all on how successful this challenge was in the next issue of the Hamlet.
Don’t forget to tag @hamersleynetballclub and use the hashtag #HNCHomeProgram in all your posts and nominations.

Top Ten Leaderboards

Congratulations to everyone who has managed to get their name onto one of our weekly Top Ten Leaderboards. It's an outstanding achievement and you should be extremely proud of yourselves!
The Shooting Club leaderboard is determined based on the number of goal attempts a player puts up compared to the target number of goals.
The Run Club and Fundamentals programs have weekly sessions and also weekly challenges. For a chance to get your name on a leaderboard you MUST complete the weekly challenge and submit your results.
The leaderboards represent the results of the weekly challenge only, not the weekly session results.
The leaderboards can be found at the bottom of each home program page on our website. They are updated every Monday. Every leaderboard going back to Week 1 is available to view so you can see all the champs that are holding a spot in the Top Ten's from previous weeks.

Embracing Change Will Get Us Through

Travis, Jasmine, Scarlett, Charli and Aaron Clarke
The Stirling Times have written an article about our Home Programs. It highlights how participating in the programs shows our members how they can stay strong and united during the unknown surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.
Charli and Scarlett practicing their Fundamentals
Their article collaborates with our President Alexis Stevens and the Clarke family. Alexis provides insights on the programs and why the club has created them. She highlights that, in true Hamersley fashion, it has been a team effort when creating these programs consisting of not only our coaches but our communications team as well. Through the Clarke family, we see how the programs can bring an entire family together where both the kids and parents get involved in fun and active netball sessions in the safety of their own homes.
Travis helping his big sister
The Clarke family consisting of Scarlett, Charli, Travis and their parents Jasmine and Aaron, are embracing the Hamersley culture while spending quality time together. Inspiring families to be active and healthy while still being able be involved in the sport we all love.
If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the article yet, we highly recommend you give it a read.
Congratulations Alexis and the Clarke family on what is a great article bringing positivity and warmth during these difficult times.

The Sportscover Clubbies 2020 Awards

Hamersley entered into the Sportscover Clubbies Awards this year. We nominated for two categories; Best Club and Best Stalwart with Lyn Pemberton as our worthy stalwart.
With over 1100 nominations entered, we were very excited that both of our nominations made it through to the final rounds! The club made it through to the last 20 and Lyn made it through to the last 12.
Unfortunately we didn’t get to bring home the 2020 trophies but it was amazing to see that the judges have recognized how important Lyn is to our club by awarding her an Honorable Mention – your dedication and hard work will never go unnoticed. Thank you and congratulations Lynni.
Congratulations must also be awarded to Nat Ellis who organized the nomination process. Nat wrote the excellent submission articles, and with the help from Al Kennedy they produced the accompanying videos.
Finally, a huge thank you must be given to everyone who was interviewed in the videos. You represented the club fantastically and did us proud!
If you haven't already seen them you can watch the videos below and read Nat's submissions.

Best Club Submission

Hamersley Netball Club, now in its 44th year, is full of members who are proud and passionate and believe in making the Club the best it can be, which happens to be the Club motto. Hamersley understands the value of belonging in the community and aims to be the club for life for its members. It encourages players to transition to coaches, parents to join the committee and subcommittee and continually strives to build and develop the culture of the club to provide members with that sense of pride and belonging.
At the heart of the club are the president Alexis Stevens, VP Mel Hunter and the Development Unit of Lyn Pemberton, Beth Harvey and Janine Birkett. It is this core group of women that generate the operation of the club and share their knowledge and expertise with all the coaches. The programs they generate and the “Hamersley way” of training and playing gives the club its reputation for excellence.
Volunteers are key to the success of Hamersley Netball Club and members demonstrate their love for the club by being generous with their time across a range of activities. In 2019 there were over 60 volunteer coaches, 37 Committee members and 24 team managers supporting the 259 playing members. This involvement makes for a truly unique family club.
What makes the club great is that it believes in player development, not just winning on the court (although the club has demonstrated excellent success) and runs many programs to assist its members to continually improve. This includes programs such as strength training off the court, programs that support mental health issues, encourage leadership development and ensure the opportunity for participation by all members of the community through its No Limits teams, designed for males and females with an intellectual disability aged 11 and over to engage with the sport of netball, meet new friends and play in a safe environment as part of a team.
Hamersley Netball Club's programs are geared towards encouraging girls and women to keep playing sport through their teenage years and for life. Suncorp's 2019 Australian Youth Confidence Report showed the age that girls stop playing organized sport is between 15 to 17 years old and 50% of females in their late teens had moved away from or stopped playing their favorite sport compared to 30% of the boys surveyed. The Club believes that playing sport and being active helps promote self-confidence, as well as health in mind and body; attributes which lead to happy, healthy community members.
Hamersley is more than just a netball club, we are a netball family. We have an excellent membership, with a large portion of members (including parent members) who give back to the club in a regular volunteering role. The Club is always striving to grow and improve and offer the best netball experience for their members.
"If you had to sum them up in one sentence what would it be?"
Hamersley Netball Club is more than a club; it's a netball family of dedicated and passionate volunteers and players who are always striving to be the best they can be.

Best Stalwart Submission

Everyone at Hamersley Netball Club agrees that we are so lucky to have Lyn Pemberton at the club. The definition of a stalwart is someone who is marked by outstanding strength and vigor of body, mind, or spirit and Lynni is this personified! She is the heart of Hamersley and the rock that players, parents, coaches and committee turn to for advice and encouragement.
Lyn Pemberton is a household name when it comes to netball in Western Australia. She is a former West Coast Fever Assistant Coach, former Perth Orioles Specialist Coach, WA State Team Coach over 11 years, State League coach and she has coached at Hamersley for 38 years, dedicating her time generously across multiple clubs and teams.
Lyn is the ultimate Grass Roots through to High Performance Coach. She truly wants to see every player reach their potential and be the best they can be, which is the club motto. She is 110% committed to the Club, involved in every facet including team selection and grading, coaching teams, mentoring the 60+ coaches and assistant coaches at the club, pushing coaches forward to improve their accreditation levels, she attends committee of Management meetings as part of her Development Unit role, is at the courts every training night, and from sun up to sun down on game days.
Lynni joined Hamersley Netball Club in 1982, 38 years ago, and is probably even more active in the club now than she was back then! The pace she keeps is incredibly fast, she always has her finger on the pulse and it’s not unusual to receive a post-midnight, early hours of the morning email! Her energy is infectious, and the club is as strong as it is today because of Lyn Pemberton.


The Origin Energy Metro League is a 9-week Association representative competition. 2020 was the second season for this competition and only 5 rounds were able to be completed due to the season being cancelled to keep all participants and spectators safe surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Congratulations to the following Hamersley representatives.
Beth Harvey

Joely Carroll
Emily Haywood
Jacinta Ramirez-Smith
Lauren Ramirez-Smith
Roberta Ramirez-Smith

Ellen Gastevich
Alex Morgan
Nakeiyah Pitt
Kasey-Ann Sharp
Amelia White
Training Partners:
Jessie Kirk
Mia Wilkinson

Coach: Janine Friday
Arwen Deans
Aitaua Enari
Shae Fitzgerald
Lauren Greene
Paige Hancy
Zjana Herangi
Boudene Huckle
Jasmine Prentice
Robyn Windeatt

Daniele Engelbrecht
Amy Harrison
Emma Hollis
Andrea Mitic
Darcie Richards
Annke Schmidt
Training Partner:
Sofaia Talemaira

Coach: Jessamyn Lumb
Maya Best
Sienna Birkett
Libby Broughton
Scarlett Clarke
Taya Herangi
Tori Leaver
Serian Lockwood-Jones
Giorgia Pezzando
Chloe Ramsay
Zayla Walters

Olivia Brookes
Katherine Ellis
Brielle Gillmore
Honey Harrington
Alivia King
Layla Van Der Merwe
Training Partners:
Abbey Smith
Chloe Vidovich
Congratulations to all Hamersley members who were selected for WANL. We have Hamersley Club members playing in a range of teams across the WANL competition. Congratulations to everyone!
Curtin Hamersley Comets

Head Coach: Alexis Stevens
Assistant Coach: Amy Fuller
Manager: Sam Morgan
Physiotherapist: Dave Moala
Meg Gibson
Georgia Morgan
Sydney Rafferty
Toni-Marie Smith
Training Partner:
Zjana Herangi

Head Coach: Brianna Barber
Assistant Coach: Nicole Mann
Manager: Leanne Spivey
Emily Alexander
Madeleine Ash
Chelsea Cook
Lucy Heron
Maddie Hunter
Keisha Kean *
Charley Rafferty
Kenisha Simiyu
Fallon Van Wyk
Training Partners:
Ellen Gastevich
Amelia White

Mens Team
Head Coach: Lyn Pemberton
Manager: Charo Moore
Wade Moore **

* former Hamersley member
** sister siblings in the club

East Freo Sharks

Olivia Fowler *

* former Hamersley member


Head Coach: Taryn Barley

Southside Demons

Lauren Ramirez-Smith

Olivia Richardson

West Coast Warriors

Hana Stokes

Elizabeth Dronfield
Sophie Freeman

Emma Hollis
Nikayah Pitt

Western Roar

Emily Winterbine *

Chloe Harrison

Connor Rawlings

* former Hamersley member
Hamersley would like to acknowledge and congratulate the following members who were selected to represent WA in the 2020 National Netball Championships that were to be held from 18 April until 23 April at the Hobart Netball and Sports Centre. Unfortunately, the championships were unable to go ahead, however it is an amazing accomplishment to be selected to represent WA. Congratulations!
Netball WA State Team Selections

Assistant Coach: Alexis Stevens
Physiotherapist: Dave Moala
Elizabeth Dronfield
Training Partners:
Georgia Morgan
Kenisha Simiyu

Coach: Lyn Pemberton
Manager: Shelagh Newham
Emily Alexander
Madeleine Ash
Chelsea Cook (VC)
Training Partners:
Lucy Heron
Keisha Kean *

* former Hamersley member
Assistant Coach: Tracey Swami *

* former Hamersley member
Board Member: Vickie Carstairs

Intermediate Coaching Accreditation
Completed: Emily Alexander
Emma Johnson (back row, first left)
Congratulations to former Hamersley player Emma Johnson for being selected into Waikato Bay of Plenty (WBOP) team that competes in the Beko Netball League. This League is fundamental to strengthening Netball New Zealand's performance pathway, the development of talent, and competitiveness of Netball New Zealand's elite teams. WBOP team underpins WBOP Magic team.

Stronger Communities
Program Grant

Nominated by the:
The Stronger Communities program was designed to support projects that make a significant and positive impact on the community, encouraging community participation and contributing to vibrant, active and viable communities. The program supported the Australian Government’s commitment to deliver social benefits in communities across Australia by funding small capital projects in each of the 151 Federal electorates. In consultation with their community, each MP had to identify potential applicants and projects in their electorate and invite them to apply for the grant.
Hamersley Netball Club was invited by the Member of Stirling Hon. Vince Connelly MP to submit an application, which was assessed against the program’s eligibility criteria through a closed non-competitive process. We are delighted to announce that our clubs application was successful!
We were eligible for up to 50 per cent of our project cost. Our project for 2020 was the procurement of equipment for training and game play. The fund amount granted was $2500. This grant is amazing for the club as we will be able to get on court with new equipment once netball returns.


We would like to extend a huge congratulations to Hayley Butler and Dean (Wes) Gurney on their wedding! On 25 January 2020, Hayley and Wes tied the knot at the Sandalford Wines for a beautiful day to remember. Congratulations and we hope you have a long and happy life together.
(L to R) Sarah "Fogs" Fogliani, Hayley, Adrienne Lang, Aisling Fontanini (former member), and Lauren Lang

Happy Engagement!

To Adrienne Lang and Brett Benger, congratulations from your extended Hamersley family on your engagement. On 2 January 2020, Brett proposed to Adrienne at Bondi Beach in Sydney – what a special day to remember. Congratulations and best wishes to you both.

How Are You Self-Isolating Survey?

Calling all Hamlet readers to get involved in this short survey for a component in the next installment of the Hamlet.
Every Hamersley member who fills out the survey below will be awarded an entry into the Home Program Participation Competition. The prize is a $200 Rebel Sport Voucher! The draw will take place at the end of the Home Program season.

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