Issue 1
July 2021
This first Hamlet of this season includes coverage of WDNA's inaugural Indigenous Round, a list of our 2021 committee members, congratulations to Chelsea Cook, a well done to our State 15U Reps, a moving article about our No Limits Program, a report on our second Leadership Session, a list of member Achievements, a piece about appreciation, an acknowledgement from Steelers Netball Club, a thank you to Councillor Chris Hatton, how Teams 5, 6 and 7 skipped training for some social team bonding, an amazing story about 4 generations of Hamersley players, our Club Captain Janine Friday fulfilling a netball mum’s dream, and we have a baby boom!
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WDNA's inaugural Indigenous Round

On Friday 25 and Saturday 26 June, WDNA hosted its inaugural Indigenous Round in recognition of National NAIDOC Week 4-11 July 2021, the theme for this year being Heal Country!
NAIDOC originally stood for ‘National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee’. This committee was once responsible for organising national activities during NAIDOC Week and its acronym has since become the name of the week itself. Find out more about the origins and history of NAIDOC Week.
On Saturday morning at 8am Noongar Man, Derrick Nannup, performed a Welcome to Country with a Smoking Ceremony at WDNA. The proceedings were introduced by our very own player/coach Sarah "Fogs" Fogliani who along with Miriam Ifould from Steelers Netball Club put on this amazing Indigenous Round.
Acknowledgment of Country was read out by both Indigenous and non-indigenous members of the WDNA community at the start of every game.
Throughout the day all games were played with an Indigenous match ball.
Clubs were also invited to participate in painting activities held throughout the day. There was face painting using Dot technique for players, members, and spectators to show support with their club colours.
Both Dot technique and Indigenous symbols for Meeting place, emu and jumping Kangaroo tracks were painted to symbolise community, players who are fast and can jump high for the ball.
Every hand print had a different pattern to symbolise that we have all come from different backgrounds and experiences but have come together as one.
Miriam also had two players from each club add their colours to an existing canvas using the Dot painting technique.
The finished piece is now on display at WDNA.

2021 Committee of Management

Hamersley Netball Club Inc. is run by a dedicated committee appointed each year at our Annual General Meeting. This year has seen some changes made to our committee:
Beth Harvey
Vice President
Mel Hunter
Heidi Leaver
Nat Ellis
Development Coordinator
Janine Birkett
Athlete & Coach Welfare
Lyn Pemberton
Sue Rawlings
Sally Johnson
Aimee Armstrong
Janine Friday

2021 Subcommittee

Annual Awards Event:
Karla Hart
Kylie Hall
Club Records:
Maddie Ciullo
Equipment Coordinators:
Christine Gillmore, Grazia Pezzando & Vanessa Scott
Fundraising - Events:
Nicole Fevre & Leanne Spivey
Annie McKendry
Leadership Coordinator:
Monica Simmons
Managers Coordinator:
Danielle Gilsenan
No Limits Coordinator:
Amy Fuller
Social Media:
Hayley Butler
Uniform Coordinator:
Jasmine Clarke
Alistair Kennedy
Year Book:
Donna Ling

2021 Committee Support

Governance Advisor:
Alison Buggins
Parent Liaison:
Leanne Newland
Club Physiotherapist:
Dave Moala
Club Photographer:
Linda Firth
Umpiring Coordinator:
Alana Penny

Congratulations Chelsea

Congratulations to Chelsea Cook on being named in last year's 17U Netball Australia Centre of Excellence Squad 2020. Here's what Chelsea had to say:
Getting selected into the 17U Netball Australia Centre of Excellence Squad was something that I was honestly not expecting, but I am so excited and grateful to have been given this opportunity!
With nationals being cancelled earlier in the year due to COVID-19 and recently tearing my ACL in a WANL game, Australian Squad selection wasn’t something that really crossed my mind.
I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity to develop my netball through what has been a very different and challenging year, and I am looking forward to still being able to be involved all through my rehab.
Even though I can’t be out on the court at the moment, I am so excited to be a part of the 17’s Aussie Squad and continue to develop all aspects of my game to be able to come back better and stronger this time next year!

School Sport Western Australia 15U Reps

Well done to the Hamersley players who were representatives in the School Sport Western Australia 15U Netball Team at the North West Regional Championships in Karratha on 18 - 20 June.
Clara Wigley, Jessamyn Lumb (Team Manager), Chloe Ramsay and Giorgia Pezzando
The girls played in an invitational team starting in Open Division 2 only to be pushed up to Open Division 1 due to the exceptional performance displayed on court.

Hamersley No Limits Program

In 2021 we have the following members helping to create an opportunity for those with a disability to have a go. To play the game we all know and love. Thank you for all your hard work and for volunteering your time to help create a safe environment for our No Limits members.
Head Coach
Nicole Smith
Amy Fuller
Assistant Coach
Charo Moore
Assistant Coach
Zoe Collings
Assistant Coach
Jessica Townsend
By Nicole Smith
No Limits Head Coach
This right here is the heart of netball. As a coach it is the greatest thing to be a part of.
This is my 5th year coaching the Hamersley Netball Club No Limits program and Wanneroo Netball Association No Limits. It is more than just an experience! These people I stand with are family, they belong and they will always have a place.
One of life’s greatest gifts is to have opportunity. 6 years ago these athletes didn’t have one. So we did the next best thing and created opportunity for people who have a disability.
These athletes each have a light that shines on them, even though many of them think they are not perfect and that they don’t fit in or are seen as invisible or maybe even that their feelings don’t matter. They have a light like nobody else and they sparkle brighter than any star.
I thought I’d share a couple words about those with a disability. Coaching is not always about putting the right combo together.
Disability is...
Unable to speak, or maybe speaking too much
Hugging everyone, or disliking touch
Escaping outside
Or trying to hide
Excitedly flapping
Inappropriate clapping
Having a disability can vary so much
Won't wear a coat, or wears one all year round
Fussy eater, or would eat dirt from the ground
Screaming or humming
Annoyingly drumming
Toys in a line
The same way every time
Having a disability can vary so much
Struggling to learn, or has wonderful gifts
Obsessions of numbers, trains, films or lifts
Spinning around
Throws things on the ground
Constantly spitting
Aggressively hitting
Having a disability can vary so much
Alone without friends, or controls every game
Always looks different, always dresses the same
Swinging on doors
Head banging on floors
Freaks at the dryer
Keeps climbing higher
Having a disability can vary so much
Can't answer questions, won't do as they're told
In their own world or bossy and bold
Over prepared
Anxious and scared
A spectrum so wide
But they all bring us pride
When a person with a disability touches our lives
I support disability awareness
I'm taking “dis” out of disability!
I see your struggle parents
I see your anxiousness when you hand over duty of care, knowing there is no one else there who understands fully how your child operates socially, academically and the possible behaviours that could occur.
I see the rest of the family standing in the shadows of their sibling making sure they are ok and treated with respect.
I see you and I understand.
I stand in your shoes too!

Leadership Group

The Hamersley Leadership program allows members to increase their knowledge on what it is to be a leader and the different aspects of leadership. The sessions aren’t just for our team captains, they're open for all members and are run by special guests.
We were lucky enough to have Kara Antonio (Dockers AFLW Captain) back to run our second leadership session of 2021. We worked out our own leadership style and talked about how different leadership styles can work together to achieve a common goal.
There is one more leadership session this year on Sunday 25 July open to all members. To reserve your seat, please contact our Leadership Program coordinator Monica Simmons.


Australian Mens & Mixed Netball Championships

Mixed Open Player
Lauren Anderson *

23U Players
Wade Moore **
Connor Rawlings **

* former Hamersley member
** sister siblings in the club

WANL Academies

Comets Development Academy

Head Coach: Janine Friday
Assistant Coach: Jessamyn Lumb
Manager: Nola Broughton

Sienna Birkett
Libby Broughton
Arwen Deans
Shae Fitzgerald
Ellen Gastevich
Lauren Green
Paige Hancy
Tori Leaver
Serian Lockwood-Jones
Chloe Ramsay
Robyn Windeatt


Andrea Mitic *
Alex Morgan
Nakeiyah Pitt

* former Hamersley member


Latoya Chase
Giorgia Pezzando
Open - Team 1
Aayla Moore
Alex Morgan
Nakeiyah Pitt

Open - Team 2
Fallon Van Wyk

17U - Team 1
Latoya Chase
Arwen Deans
Lauren Green
Annke Schmidt

17U - Team 2
Coach: Beth Harvey
Ariana Ellery
Daniele Engelbrecht
Molly Hickmott
Sofaia Talemaira

15U - Team 1
Coach: Jessamyn Lumb
Sienna Birkett
Libby Broughton
Scarlett Clarke
Honey Harrington
Giorgia Pezzando
Chloe Ramsay

15U - Team 2
Maya Best
Macey Brown
Tori Leaver
Serian Lockwood-Jones
Abbey Smith
Zayla Walters

14U - Team 1
Brooke Challen
Alivia King
Mia Russo
Chloe Vidovich
Clara Wigley

14U - Team 2
Olivia Bowles
Zahra Buckley
Julia Trimboli

14U - Team 3
Ashleigh Firth
Kate Grigsby

13U - Team 1
Mia Bertram
Charlie Clarke
Leah Hannent
Rylee Herangi
Halle Richards
Aqua Samuels

13U - Team 2
Riannah Allen
Ella Harbison
Jade Koch

13U - Team 3
Madison Belsham
Zadie Torkington

13U - Team 4
Jadyn Buckley
Tayla Henriques
Catherine Smith
Jade White

12U - Team 1
Coach: Adrienne Lang
Evie Best
Mackenzie Hall
Abigail Leeks

12U - Team 2
Coach: Janine Friday
Gabrielle Dawe
Grace Frazer
Jaide Friday

12U - Team 3
Caitlyn Gillespie
Isabella Ninyette


In 2021, with many countries around the world and other states in Australia not being able to play the sports they love, it is more important than ever to remember how lucky we are every game to be able to get out on court no matter the conditions.
Team 10 loving warming up in the pouring rain
“Appreciation” is a team focus for Open Team 6 through the leadership of player/coach Sarah “Fogs” Fogliani who has highlighted the importance of appreciating every moment on the court. Fogs has created a great combination of fun and hard work both at training and on game day.
We can see the players have responded well to Fogs’ idea of what netball should be when at one training night without hesitation, all players along with Fogs danced the Nutbush for their warm up.
Fogs is also leading by example in 2021 by increasing awareness for indigenous culture. This year, the theme is Heal Country and at the beginning of each training session, Fogs leads an Acknowledgment of Country with Team 6.
On game day, one minute before the game commences Team 6 come together along with the opposition (each opposition team is asked prior if they would like to join), and the allocated umpires and perform an Acknowledgement of Country led by Fogs. It is at this time where Fogs also incorporates the aspect of appreciation by acknowledging all those around the world who can’t play community sport due to the pandemic.
Team 6 and Steelers 2 team huddle
We would like to take this moment to thank all the teams and umpires who have joined Team 6 during this performance and highlight that so far, every opposition team along with both umpires have happily participated at each game.

Acknowledgement from Steelers Netball Club

On Saturday 15 May Team 6 played against Steelers 2. The week following, Hamersley received the following feedback from the Steelers 2 coach acknowledging the game.
Albeit not a close game in score, there were plenty of healthy strong contests for the ball. It was an enjoyable game to watch/coach from the very beginning to the very end. Both teams showed encouragement and sportsmanship to one another that was just so refreshing to see.
Our club values are Belonging, Respect and Professionalism. Congratulations to Team 6 for practicing those values out on court and for receiving this acknowledgment from a fellow club.

Thank you!

Hamersley Netball Club wishes to thank Councillor Chris Hatton for his kind $100 donation. Chris understands the importance of local clubs and organisations and how they need to be valued and supported into the future. The donation will be used to buy club equipment for the benefit of all our members.

Team Socials

On Tuesday 22 June, Teams 5, 6 and 7 replaced their training shoes for funky costumes and participated in a Quiz Night at the Kingsley Tavern. It was team vs team with each choosing their own theme.
With team bonding being the main goal for the night, it is fair to say after five rounds of quizzes these teammates know a little bit more about each other. Players showcased their knowledge in music, sport, general trivia and TV/movie with some people getting a little more enthusiastic than others.
At the end of the quiz all three teams got on stage for the general public (8 non-Hamersley quiz teams) to vote on best dressed. The winners of best dressed were the ‘Bogans’ (Team 7). The ‘Tokyo Dreamers’ came 2nd overall (out of 11 teams) in the quiz. While the ‘Ladies of the 80’s’ tried their best but enjoyed the food, laughs and night off training.
Team 5 – ‘Ladies of the 80’s’
Team 6 – ‘Tokyo Dreamers’
Team 7 – ‘Bogans’

Strength & Conditioning

Registrations are open for Term 3 of our 2021 Strength & Conditioning program.
The Warwick Workout Netball Strength and Conditioning Program has built a reputation for delivering quality training for teenage netballers. Our program is specifically designed for 11-17 year old's with a vision of long term athletic development.
Head over to our Strength & Conditioning page to read more or register directly via Warwick Workout.
Term 3 commences 19 July, registrations close 15 July.

Generations of Hamersley

Hamersley is a family driven netball club which can be seen through the amazing effort of the Newman/Ninyette family who now have a 4th generation playing with the club.
Tessa Newman along with her two daughters Mandy and Tina were inaugural members of the Hamersley Netball Club. In the 1980’s they participated through playing, coaching and umpiring.
Mandy back row left, Tina back row second from the left and Tessa back row right
Mandy and Tina both had children in 1982 and 1983. They returned to netball in 1984 and were both in the first Hamersley team to get in the A1 division (now known as Open Division 1) coached by Lyn Pemberton.
Natasha Newman (coach) who played for Hamersley in the 1990’s and Chelsey Monk (team manager) are both daughters to Mandy.
Natasha back row second from left, Mandy back row middle
And most recently playing in our 12U age group we have Tessa’s great granddaughter/Mandy’s Granddaughter/Chelsey’s daughter named Isabella Ninyette playing for the club. With Chelsey managing the team.
Isabella front row second from the left
We would love to encourage any members to send through photos along with information about their family history with the club.

Family Game Day

In 2021 Janine Friday (Club Captain, Legend, Life Member, top Milestone holder, Open player and coach) was able to live out a netball mum’s dream when her daughter Jaide started playing for the club while Janine herself is still playing. Janine had this to say about their first shared game day:
Super proud to finally have one of my girls join me in playing for my beloved club. Very excited to see you on court today Jaide. Made even better by us both having a win. Looking forward to sharing many more game days with you.

Baby Boom!

Former player Maddie Ciullo (nee Rawlings) and husband Mike welcome another member to the family. Tomas Michael Ciullo born 6 January 2021 at 3:10pm, weighing 4.2kg (9lbs 4oz). Tomas is the little brother to his 3 year old sister Ellia.
Please welcome to the world, Mitchell Harry Kenny born 18 February 2021 at 9:05am, weighing 2.95kg (6lbs 8oz). Mitchell is son to former player Eleanor Shadbolt and fiancé Jake Kenny who will be tying the knot later this year.
Former player Isabella Quesnel (nee Rawlings) and husband Trent welcome their second child to the family. Pippa Rose Quesnel born 19 February 2021 at 8:16pm, weighing 3.48kg (7lbs 10oz). Pippa is the little sister to brother Archie, who is just about to turn 3 years old.

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