Club History

Glendale Primary School teacher Rosemary Allen asked for parent volunteers to coach and look after netball teams. There were 4 volunteers, Barbara Mansell, Millie Clements, Pat Wynne and Ann Reeves. Girls from Grades 5, 6 & 7 were graded into 4 teams, and played in school colours and formed:
Glendale Netball Club
4 sub junior teams competed at Wanneroo Districts Netball Association.
First AGM - attended by founding members:
Chairperson: Rosemary Allen
Present: Barbara Mansell, Pat Tassell, Barb Warner, Lorraine Hodge, P Grossman, F Bullen, Kaye Lunt, Pat Wynne, Ann Reeves, Peter Lunt and Pauline Miles.
Apologies: Millie Clements, D Kearney, Ailsa Allen, Jan Cook.
Election of Office Bearers: President: Peter Lunt, Vice President: Barbara Mansell, Secretary: Kaye Lunt, Treasurer: Ann Reeves
Committee: Ailsa Allen, F Bullen, Jan Cook, Lorraine Hodge, D Kearney, L Griffiths, P Grossman, Pauline Miles, Pat Tassell, Pat Wynne
6 sub junior, 2 junior and 1 senior team competed at WDNA.
Club Name
Rosemary Allen suggested keeping the Club as ‘Glendale’ for Sub Juniors, ‘Glendale Graduates’ for juniors and ‘Graduates’ for seniors.
This suggestion was discussed at a meeting on 21 June 1978. Moved by: Mrs Pat Wynne, Seconded by: Mrs Rosemary Allen That the Glendale Netball Club be called:
Hamersley Netball Club
Club Colours
It was suggested that the club colours be changed to enable the girls who had left Glendale to continue to play for Hamersley.
Juniors and Seniors - to wear a red shirt and blue skirt (following the colours of their favourite football team West Perth)
Sub Juniors - to wear a tan jumpsuit and blue shirt (Glendale Primary School colours).
Moved by: Mrs Kearney, Seconded by: Mrs Bullen That Sub Juniors adopt the same uniform as the Junior and Senior Teams for the 1979 netball season at Wanneroo Districts Netball Association.
HNC First State Representative - Raylene Barron (Captain)
HNC First WDNA Representatives - Megan Wynne, Michelle McLiver
HNC First WDNA Premiership Team - Sub Junior D4
Coach: Ann Reeves, Players: Dianne Powell, Leanne Hall, Lynda Ward, Peta Lunt, Nicolae Heaperman, Amanda Downe, Angela Miguel, Dione McLiver, Tracey Consindine
HNC First Camp
In 1979 Hamersley Netball Club finished the netball season with a club camp held at Point Peron Camp.
HNC First “Miss Wanneroo Quest"
Wanneroo Districts Netball Association held a Miss Wanneroo Quest for many years; the winner would be announced at the annual Wanneroo Districts Netball Association Ball. Hamersley Netball Club’s first Queen was Miss Lisa Clements.
An extra ordinary meeting was called on 8 March 1982 to discuss and approve the Constitution for Hamersley Netball Club.
HNC First Club Coach Appointment
In 1982 after moving to the suburb of Hamersley, Lyn Pemberton was asked to join Hamersley Netball Club and immediately appointed Club Coach. Trish Smith was appointed Assistant Club Coach. At the young age of 23 and with no prior grading experience, Lyn’s first task for the club was to organize and grade 22 HNC teams, no mean feat!
HNC First Club Sponsorship
We thank:
  • Autoparts Toyota (Autoparts continued to sponsor HNC for 30 years: 1982 - 2012, $94,950.00. All funds are allocated to development)
  • Dave Ellis - Greenwood Sports Store
  • John Nugent Sportswear
  • Pacific Films - A3 Seniors
HNC First Newsletter
Mr Ron Hodge 1983 President of Hamersley Netball Club instigated the first Hamersley Netball Club newsletter. $300 was raised from sponsorship of the newsletters.
HNC First Sub Junior Year 4 Team
Club Coach Lyn Pemberton proposed that Year 4 be allowed to play for the club, all committee members were in favour.
HNC First A1 Senior Team entered in the WDNA Competition
The Hamersley Netball Club constitution states:
Rule 2: b
Aim to have a team playing in the “A” Grade competition.
A1 Seniors finished Runner up Premiers.
HNC First WDNA Most Improved Umpire
In 1984 Hamersley Netball Club did not have their Junior Umpire programme running. This achievement was due to personal dedication and was awarded to Miss Renee Gillon.
Hamersley Netball Club Incorporation
In 1986 Hamersley Netball Club applied for a “Certificate of Incorporation”.
This certifies that HAMERSLEY NETBALL CLUB has this day been incorporated as an Association under the provisions of the Association Incorporation Act, 1895 – 1982.
“Dated this NINETEENTH day of MARCH 1986”.
HNC Player Sacrifice
In 1987 Hamersley Netball Club found itself in a difficult position. The club had great Sub Junior and Junior coaches but when it came to the Senior divisions we had problems, as all our coaches played in the Senior A1 team. This didn’t allow the club to continue the development of our young seniors leaving the junior ranks, so Freda Roberts, Rae McGuire and Lyn Pemberton sacrificed their personal playing desire for A1 grade. They split up a great combination and took a team each of seniors. Freda took the A1 Seniors, Rae took the A3 Seniors (Premiers) and Lyn took the A4 Seniors (Premiers).
1987 - 1990
Consolidation Era
From 1987 to 1990 the club consolidated, generally improving in all areas of development, from coaching, umpiring, playing and administration.
HNC Double, Double Premiership Plus 1
In 1988 Senior A1, Senior A2, Junior A1, Junior A2 plus Sub Junior E2 won their Grand Final games.
Nola Appleby Development Officer instigated Duty Statements for all Committee members and was a driving force for the professional way the club runs today. Nola commenced the Hamersley Netball club Junior Umpires Award in 1991 which still runs very successfully in 2007.
After 17 years of heading the club as Club Coach, Lyn Pemberton moved into State level netball by coaching underage state teams, coaching development programmes, presenting coaching courses, and sitting on the Coach Development Committee for the WA Netball. Lyn introduced the Development portfolio to an up and coming coach from within the club, Miss Larissa Herring and in her first 2 years has been a wonderful asset. In 1999 Lyn introduced the Club Coach portfolio to one of the clubs longest standing playing members in Toyota Legend Michelle Linklater (nee Piper). This transition has been slower for Michelle as Lyn was extremely busy in the 1999 season. In 1999 Lyn took on the role of Director of Coaching and Development within the club.
Netball season saw another very fine year for the development at Hamersley Netball Club. Of the 19 teams in the club, 18 teams made it to the Finals, the 19th team couldn’t make finals as it was our year 4 / 5 team and they played participation rules with no finals. In the Grand Final we achieved 6 Premierships and 6 Runner Up flags.
Hamersley Senior A1 - 1 and Senior A1 -2 ventured out of the traditional navy pleat wrap skirt and red sleeveless top. The two teams turned out for the 1999 season in a navy bodysuit and a navy, red and white cascade of colour in a pleated skirt to present a very striking display at Wanneroo Districts.
The 1999 Netball season for Hamersley fielded 18 teams, 16 of the 18 teams were all in A grade. The other 2 teams were in B Grade; this is the first time we have had so many teams in an A Grade competition of various levels.
All HNC club members moved into the new style uniform that the senior players wore in 1999.
2001 - Present
The Hamersley Netball Club continues to develop their strength across the board in Coaching, playing, umpiring and administration.
Hundreds of girls have represented the Wanneroo Districts Netball Association and West Coast Netball Region at Member Championships, Regional Championships, Academy and Cadet Cup.
A large contingent of athletes from Hamersley Netball Club have been selected to represent at State League, State and International competition.