"When do registrations open?"

Registrations open mid December.

"If I played for Hamersley last winter season do I still have to register?"

Yes, all current members must complete the online registration form.

“What are Hamersley’s bank details?”

Hamersley bank with Macquarie Bank. Our banks details are BSB: 186 300, Account: 304 467 806. All payments need your full name as a reference.

"If I/my daughter is released, when will my trial fee be refunded?"

If the club is unable to place a player in a team all monies paid will be refunded. New players will be refunded via TryBooking to the card used in their transaction. Payment will then be made within days of release.

"What happens if I withdraw my registration prior to trials?"

If a player withdraws prior to the first trial all fees paid will be refunded. New players will be refunded via TryBooking to the card used in their transaction. If a current member withdraws they will need to supply bank details to our Registrar for any refund to be processed.

"What happens if I withdraw my registration after trials have commenced?"

If a player withdraws during the trials/grading process a $100 administration fee will be retained by the club. Any remaining fees paid will be refunded.

"What happens if I withdraw my registration after the teams have been announced?"

If a player withdraws after teams are announced a $100 administration fee will be retained by the club. Any remaining fees will be refunded.

"I can’t attend all the trials/grading sessions, can I still register?"

Players must endeavour to attend all trials/grading sessions. Phase 1 trials are compulsory, and we are unable to accept registrations for new players that cannot attend the first trial. If two consecutive sessions are missed, players cannot be guaranteed a position at the club for that particular season. This policy is for existing members and new players trialling.

"What is the minimum age requirement to trial for Hamersley Netball Club?"

Players must be turning 11 years of age during the season that they are registering to trial for. They will be trialling with the 12U players and playing in the 12U Competition.

"What is KidSport?"

KidSport enables eligible Western Australian children aged 5 to 18 years to participate in community sport and recreation by offering them financial assistance of up to $150 per calendar year towards club fees. KidSport is funded by The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

"How do I apply for KidSport?"

Applicants listed on a valid Health Care or Pensioner Concession card can apply.

“When are trials/grading held?”

Trials/grading are held in February and March.

"What should I wear to trials/grading?"

Players are to wear a white shirt and black or navy netball skirt or sports shorts to all trial sessions. Appropriate netball shoes must be worn.

"I/my daughter can’t attend a trial/grading due to injury/illness, what should I do?"

If a player is unable to attend a trial/grading for what ever reason they must fill out the Non-Attendance form no later than 2 hours prior to trial/grading start time.

"What happens if I get injured during trials/grading?"

If a player gets injured during trials/grading they must immediately report to a Hamersley Trials Selector.

"What are the compulsory uniform items?"

All players must wear the club dress, club short or long socks, and booty shorts or navy briefs.

"What should I wear to training?"

There is no compulsory training uniform. Most members wear the optional Warm Up shirt available for purchase from Victory Athletic.

"Is the Warm Up Shirt compulsory?"

The Warm Up Shirt is not compulsory. Additional optional items are also available for purchase from Victory Athletic, but are not compulsory.

"My name has been spelt incorrectly, who do I contact?"

If your name is spelt incorrectly on the website please contact our Website Coordinator.

"I would like to volunteer to be a team manager, who should I contact?"

We always welcome new volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to be a team manager please contact our Manager Coordinator.

"When do teams train?"

Teams train on Tuesdays for 1½ hours.
Our training timeslots are:
5 - 6:30pm
6:30 - 8pm
12U and 13U are 5 - 6:30pm
18U, 21U and Open are 6:30 - 8pm
15U are generally split between the 2 timeslots depending on coach availability (and players who are coaching younger teams)

"What times do teams play?"

All teams play on Saturdays at the WDNA (Wanneroo Districts Netball Association) outdoor courts. Currently the timeslots are as follows but this is subject to change by WDNA:
12U & 13U - 10:00am
15U - 11:30am
18U - 1:00pm
21U - 2:30pm and 4:00pm
Open - 2:30pm and 4:00pm

"Do games get cancelled when there is heavy rain?"

Matches will not be cancelled by WDNA due to inclement weather. Cancellations will only occur at WDNA’s discretion if there is dangerous weather or lightening in the area. To get the latest weather and game updates always check WDNA's facebook page first.
Injury Insurance Claim

“How do I make an injury insurance claim?”

Netball WA membership is a component of the Hamersley Netball Club Inc. membership and includes Injury Insurance Cover.
Spring Netball

"Does Hamersley enter the WDNA Spring competition?"

Hamersley can only enter the Spring Competition if we have been able to fill the Sub Committee position of Spring Coordinator. If this position has been filled, then the Spring Coordinator will contact current winter teams via email with the Spring season’s details.

"Who organises the teams?"

Any teams wanting to play in the Spring competition are to be organised by players themselves (if over 18 years old) and/or parents (for players under 18 years old).
Each team must have a minimum of 8 players and a designated Team Coordinator who will liaise with Hamersley's Spring Coordinator. Each team may also have a Team Coach.
No coaches, managers or umpires will be provided by the club.

"Can I play Spring with Hamersley if I am an existing member who didn't play during the winter season?"

Yes, if you are a Hamersley member who wasn't registered for the winter season you can still play Spring but you will be have to pay the full NWA component as part of your Spring registration fee.

"Can I play Spring with Hamersley if I played for another club during the winter season?"

No, all Spring players are required to be existing or returning Hamersley members.

"Who do I contact for further information?"

For further information please contact our Spring Coordinator.

"Why do we fundraise?"

Each year when the committee sets the club budget and membership fees, we have in mind a certain target we like to keep the fees close to (allowing us to remain competitive with the other netball clubs). To prevent either having to set the fees above this target or having to decrease the service level the club will deliver, fundraising comes into play to cover the income shortfall.