Hamersley is excited to launch its Leadership Program and welcomes former member Karly Gaudagnin as our 2018 Leadership Consultant.
Leadership is an important part of sport and strong leadership can take a team from good to great. With a greater focus on leadership, Hamersley aims to strengthen its ‘club culture’ to ensure repeated success both on and off the court.
The Hamersley Leadership Program will give members who are identified as current or future leaders the skills and opportunity to develop their leadership qualities.
The 2018 Leadership Program is open to:
  • Captains and Vice Captains of all Hamersley teams from 12U to Open.
  • Hamersley members who are selected in leadership positions for other netball teams within the Netball WA pathway (i.e. TACT, WANL, State Teams).
  • Team coaches.
  • Committee members.
Application Process
Playing Member
Any playing member from 12U to Open can nominate themselves for the leadership program.
Nominations close 12 April 2018.
On 10 April 2018 during training, each team will hold a vote, with those who have nominated for the leadership program available to be voted as either Captain or Vice Captain.
Captains and Vice Captains will be announced on the club website on 22 April 2018.
Nominations are now closed
Non-Playing Member
Coaches and Committee members can nominate themselves for the leadership program.
Nominations close 12 April 2018.
The President will review the nominations and confirm the successful applicants.
Nominations are now closed
Captains, Vice Captains and Non-Playing Leaders Announced
All of our 2018 Captains, Vice Captains and Non-Playing Leaders have now been appointed. View them from the drop down list below.

Program Details
Leadership sessions will take place on Tuesday nights either under the veranda by the grass or in the WDNA Clubrooms. On these nights those in the Leadership program will typically miss about 30 minutes of their own team’s training, this has been approved by the Club’s Development Unit and will not impact court time on a Saturday.
12U & 13U Captains and Vice Captains
5:30 - 6:30pm
15U, 18U & Open Captains and Vice Captains
7:00 - 8:00pm
Non-playing members can attend either session depending on personal availability
Dates & Venues
Session 1
24 April 2018
Under the veranda by the grass
Session 2
29 May 2018
WDNA Clubrooms
Session 3
19 June 2018
Under the veranda by the grass
Session 4
24 July 2018
WDNA Clubrooms
Session 5
21 August 2018
WDNA Clubrooms
Session 6
18 September 2018
WDNA Clubrooms
If you have any queries about the Leadership Program please contact Monica Simmons our Leadership subcommittee member.