Members Handbook

Hamersley Netball Club (HNC) owns all current and future copyright and related rights to the HNC Members Handbook. This handbook is only to be used by Hamersley Netball Club members and may not be reproduced, copied or distributed to any third party in any form or by any means.
1. Welcome To Hamersley Netball Club Inc. Established 1977
1.1 Congratulations on choosing HNC. We pride ourselves on running an efficient club and hope you and/or your children will enjoy your netball with us for many years to come. This handbook aims to give members an overview of the club’s policies and procedures.

1.2 HNC is run by a dedicated committee appointed each year at the Annual General Meeting, which is held around the last week of January. The committee meets regularly during the season.
2. Training/Games
2.1 Tuesday is our designated training night at Wanneroo Districts Netball Association (WDNA). Training times vary for the different age groups and are also subject to coach availability. In some instances it is necessary to train on another night but players will be advised at trials if this is the case.

2.2 Parents of members aged less than 18 years of age are required to escort their child to and from the court when dropping off and collecting for training, games, and club events. Parents are also requested not to leave their child at the courts without a HNC representative (coach or committee member) present.

2.3 A coach is appointed to each team. Our coaches are volunteers, and have their own personality and style of coaching.

2.4 All players are expected to attend weekly training sessions and be available for the fixture games on a Saturday. Training is cancelled only at the team coach’s discretion. Players must inform their coach if they are unable to attend training or matches. If you have dates pre-booked please give the coach advance warning. Players are to ensure they arrive at training 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, and 30 minutes prior to the start time of the game on a Saturday.

2.5 Games are played on Saturdays; times vary according to the age group.

2.6 The WDNA winter season commences around the end of April. All important season dates can be found on our Calendar.
3. Court Time
3.1 Every effort is made by the coaches to give fair court time during the season. Missing training sessions, and injuries/illness will affect court time.

3.2 Minimum court time during finals for 12U, 13U, 15U and 18U:
  • Semi Final – ½ game *
  • Preliminary Final – ½ game *
  • Grand Final – ¼ game *

3.3 Minimum court time during finals for 21U and Open:
  • Semi Final – ¼ game *
  • Preliminary Final – no court time guaranteed
  • Grand Final – no court time guaranteed

* Players who have missed training sessions, are injured / ill, or are subject to discipline issues, will not be guaranteed minimum court time.

3.4 Players playing up from lower teams during finals can only take the court if there are no available players from the actual team to play that position. Players playing up are not guaranteed any court time.
4. Club Uniform
4.1 Our registered club uniform colours are navy blue, cherry red, and white. All players must wear the club dress, club booty shorts or briefs and short or long club socks. It is compulsory for all players to be in full uniform prior to taking the court. For more information visit our New Uniforms page.

4.2 All players are to ensure their dress is an appropriate fit. The dress should fit comfortably with room to move. The required length, as set by WDNA, is with your arms extended above your head your booty shorts or briefs should not be visible. If a club committee member deems a player’s dress is not an appropriate fit, the player will be required to purchase another dress.

4.3 Additional optional items are available for purchase. Victory Athletic are the club’s apparel partner. To purchase uniform items please visit the Hamersley Netball Club Team Store.

4.4 HNC runs a second hand uniform service.
5. Codes of Behaviour
5.1 HNC members must also abide by the policies of all governing netball bodies, including;
  • Wanneroo Districts Netball Association
  • West Coast Netball Region
  • Netball WA
  • Netball Australia

5.2 HNC members, parents of members, and spectators must abide by the Netball Australia National Codes of Behaviour.

5.3 The club has two contacts for each of the governing netball bodies, listed below:
  • Wanneroo Districts Netball Association – Secretary and Registrar
  • West Coast Netball Region – Athlete & Coach Welfare Officer and Registrar
  • Netball WA – Athlete & Coach Welfare Officer and Registrar

5.4 Under no circumstances are members (including parents and associates) to confront or contact the governing netball bodies regarding expressions of disappointment in selection/grading processes, fees, roster duties, umpiring, poor behaviour from opposition, regulations, policies or any other requests etc. Concerns are to be put in writing to the HNC Secretary who will forward the information to the committee, who will contact the governing body on your behalf as required.
6. Internal – HNC Disciplinary Procedure
6.1 HNC follows the Netball Australia Member Protection Policy National Complaints Handling Regulation. The policy can be found on the Netball Australia Website.

6.2 Any club members, including but not limited to players, spectators, coaches, umpires and committee members can have a complaint lodged against them if they are alleged to have broken any club policies or acted in a manner that brings the game into disrepute.

6.3 HNC is required to deal with all complaints in a fair, timely and transparent manner. All complaints will be treated seriously and in accordance with the Constitution.
7. External – WDNA Complaints Procedure
7.1 If an issue arises on a Saturday such as; perceived umpiring bias, the game is getting out of control due to rough play, or if you feel an opposition coach, player, or parent is displaying aggressive and very unsportsmanlike behaviour – the coach will determine whether a WDNA match official is required. Only a club official can approach the WDNA office to request their attendance courtside. If an official attends your court then leaves and the same behaviour continues; once again only a club official may return to the match office and politely request a WDNA official to attend your court a second time.

If the Coach feels that after approaching the office a second time, the situation has not been resolved, contact any one of the following committee members:

Development Coordinator:
Aimee Armstrong – 0433 051 113

Sam Morgan – 0432 607 343

Nat Ellis – 0400 192 921

Athlete & Coach Welfare:
Janine Birkett – 0413 278 377

The HNC committee member will stay with you and view the situation and they can then make a decision on what procedure the club will follow. After consultation with the club’s Management Committee a decision can be made by the committee to submit a formal complaint to WDNA, which must then be submitted within 72 hours of the initial incident.

7.2 HNC reminds all members only the team captain is permitted to approach the match umpires during game breaks or after the game. Under no circumstances are any other HNC members to approach the:
  • Match umpires
  • Umpire Mentors
  • Opposition: team coach, players or parents during or after a game
8. Injury/Illness Policy
8.1 All injuries must be reported to the team coach, who will contact the HNC physiotherapist and coordinate with the injured member in accordance with club’s Physio – Welfare Model, which can be found on the Injury Program page.

8.2 For insurance purposes, any player injured either at training or during a game must complete the necessary WDNA paperwork. If the injury occurs on a Saturday the injured player must immediately report to the First Aid Post at WDNA to receive treatment and complete an Injury Report Form. If the injury occurs on a training night, an Injury Report Form must be completed the following Saturday.

8.3 Information for making a Player Insurance Claim can be found here.

8.4 Members returning to netball after extended illness shall obtain a clearance from their medial professional. Where possible members who have missed a training session or game due to illness should complete a full training session before taking the court on a Saturday.
9. Players Playing up in Higher Grades
9.1 HNC encourages all playing members to take the opportunity to play up in a higher grade when it arises. If coaches require players from teams below, they shall be mindful all teams are endeavouring to win games and make finals.

9.2 Coaches requiring players from teams below shall liaise with the Development Unit. In line with HNC philosophy of maximising player development, there is an expectation the opportunities to play up will be shared amongst players where possible.

9.3 Players playing up will not be played instead of a current team member; unless they are filling a specific position the available team members cannot play.

9.4 Coaches, managers and players should familiarise themselves with the WDNA Policies & Procedures regarding the number of times a player is eligible to play in a higher grade. A player can only play up 3 times in total, if they play up a 4th time they will be required to play in the highest grade they have participated in for the remainder of the season.
10. Single Game Voucher Policy
10.1 If a non-registered HNC player is brought in to play on a Single Game Voucher (SGV) the following applies:
  • WANL commitments – HNC will cover the cost of the SGV
  • Individual player not able to take the court, which places their team in a situation to require the SGV – team will be required to pay for the SGV
  • ALL SGVs must be cleared by the Development Unit

10.2 Coaches must familiarise themselves with the WDNA SGV policy prior to playing a player utilizing one.
11. External – Open Players Umpiring Commitment
11.1 When required by the Club’s umpiring coordinator each Open team will be allocated a team to umpire each Saturday. Payment will be made to the individual who fulfils the duty.

11.2 Exemptions will be given to Open players who hold HNC committee or coaching positions.
12. Volunteers
12.1 Throughout the season WDNA require HNC to provide volunteers on a Saturday, to work where required. Teams may be rostered throughout the season to provide the required volunteer. All volunteers must be a minimum of sixteen (16) years of age and must wear enclosed footwear. Volunteers who are not correctly attired will be sent away and the club fined as per WDNA’s penalty #3.

12.2 Every week each team is required to carry out either scoring or timing duty. The team manager will organise a roster; the Manager is not to be added onto this roster as they are required for first aid and team management.

12.3 If you are a club coach, manager, umpire, committee member or a WDNA delegate member you will not be required to do any additional volunteering.

12.4 Volunteers for finals- in consultation with the committee, the coach and manager are to appoint the two most experienced people for the scoring and timing duties. In addition, each team who makes finals may need to provide WDNA one volunteer each week.
13. Team Photographs
13.1 Each year every team has a team photo taken. These photos are coordinated by the Year Book Coordinator, and will appear in the Club Yearbook. The team photos will also be available on our Gallery page after our end of season Annual Awards Dinner.
14. Year Book
14.1 Each player receives a yearbook at the conclusion of the season, which highlights all of the club’s achievements throughout the year. All teams are listed in the book and it is an opportunity for the club to acknowledge all of the sponsors, players, coaches, managers, umpires, volunteers and committee members.
15. Annual Awards
15.1 Our Annual Awards are presented at the conclusion of the season. The Awards events are an opportunity for all members; committee, players, coaches, umpires, managers, life members, legends and sponsors to celebrate the season and recognise award winners. The cost of an award event ticket is included in the playing fees.
16. Team Managers
16.1 A team manager is appointed to each HNC team. The role of the manager is to assist the coach to ensure the smooth running of the team throughout the season. If you are interested in being a team manage please contact the Manager Coordinator.
17. Refunds Policy and Procedures
17.1 Injured During Trials / Preseason – season ending injury
  • 17.1.1 100% of HNC fees will be reimbursed less cost of dinner ticket if player wishes to attend.
  • 17.1.2 100% of WDNA fees to be requested on behalf of the player by the club.
  • 17.1.3 NWA fees will not be refunded. The player must remain affiliated with NWA for insurance purposes, so they can claim for their injury.
  • 17.1.4 WANL players are required to pay the full HNC fee during registrations. In recognition that some WANL clubs do not regularly release their player to take the court on a Saturday for Hamersley, the club offers WANL players a discounted HNC fee. WANL players who take the court for 10 or less HNC games in the season are eligible for a refund of $50 of the HNC fee. This only applies when games are missed due to non-clearance from the WANL club. If the player makes themselves unavailable to take the court this is classed as a game played for the purpose of this policy. WANL players who take the court for 11 or more HNC games are not eligible for the refund. Details of the discount will be specifically communicated to WANL players and will be reviewed annually by the Hamersley Committee.
17.2 Refunds Applied to Season Ending Injuries Only
  • Injury sustained in games 1 - 4 100% of HNC component - less cost of dinner ticket if player wishes to attend.
  • Injury sustained in games 5 - 8 50% of HNC component - less cost of dinner ticket if player wishes to attend.
  • Injury sustained in games 8+/finals no refund of HNC component.
PLEASE NOTE: If after the season commences a player is absent for an extended period of time due to holiday or another sporting commitments there will be no refund of any fees. All requests for refunds are to be submitted to HNC committee and each case is still individually assessed. The decision of the committee is final.

17.3 Late Player Registration Fees
  • 17.3.1 If player joins the club after the season commences – depending on the date they register, they may also be eligible to receive a pro-rata fee from WDNA – this is at WDNA’s discretion.
  • 17.3.2 Full affiliation fees will always be required by NWA (no discounts offered).
  • 17.3.3 HNC component of fees is structured pro rata to the round commenced playing.
  • 17.3.4 Games 1 - 5 100% HNC component of fees.*
  • 17.3.5 Games 6 - 10 75% of the HNC component of fees.*
  • 17.3.6 Games 11+ and finals 50% of the HNC component of fees.*

* The HNC component of fees is set each year by the committee.

17.4 Players Withdrawing. If a player withdraws during the trialling process or once the teams have been announced a $100.00 administration fee will be retained by the club. Any remaining fees paid will be refunded.