2014 Awards Dinner

2014 Trophies and Medals
2014 Trophies and Past Premiers Flags
2014 Annual Awards Raffle
Janine our wonderful MC for the night
HNC Sponsors and Supporters
Team Captains present Premiership Flags
Team Captains present Runners Up Flags
Team 20 Presentation of Participation Medals & Skill Certificates
Lyn Pemberton Medal awarded to HNC Registrar Sue
Coaching Excellence Award to Alexis (unable to attend)
Umpiring Excellence awarded to Ashleigh
2014 WDNA Most Improved Umpire award to Jasmin
Janine Birkett Rising Star awarded to Adrienne
Vickie Carstairs All Star Team
Team 17 Sub Junior Skills Award
Team 18 Sub Junior Skills Award
Team 19 Sub Junior Skills Award
300 Games awarded to Legend and Life Member Janine
Proud Dad who has watched 300 games!
250 Games awarded to Legend Donna
200 Games awarded to Hayley
200 Games awarded to Rachel (received by Julie in Rachel's absence)
150 Games awarded to Aisling
150 Games awarded to Kaitlin
150 Games awarded to Lauren (received by Life Members Rae & Linda in Lauren's absence)
100 Games Award
75 Games Award
50 Games Award
Team 4 – Open Division 4 Premiers
Team 8 – 16 & Under Division 1 Premiers
Team 12 – 16 & Under Division 3 Premiers
Team 15 – 13 & Under Division 1 Premiers
Team 16 – 13 & Under Division 2 Premiers
Team 19 – 11 & Under Division 1 finished top of the Ladder
Team 1 – Open Division 1 Runners Up
Team 3 – Open Division 2 Runners Up
Team 18 – 12 & Under Division 2 finished 2nd
Thank you Sue for your hard work on the Committee - you are always welcome back :)
Thank you Zenda for all your hard work on and off court - you are always welcome back :)
Life Member and Director of Coaching & Development Lyn and husband Alf
Thank you to our Social Committee Sue and Aimee for a fantastic evening
Thank you to Audrey and MC Janine for a job well done