Strategic Plan
(2018 - 2021)

Foreword from the Club President
In late 2017 our Committee commenced development of the club’s inaugural Strategic Plan. With the assistance of the West Australian Sports Federation ‘TopPlan’ platform, we developed a number of strategic focus areas, goals, and strategies to guide the development and progression of the club over the next four years.
The launch of our Strategic Plan (2018 - 2021) is an exciting milestone, as it clearly demonstrates our commitment to planning and strategic development.
Hamersley is more than just a netball club, we are a netball family. We have an excellent membership, with a large portion of members (including parent members) who give back to the club in a regular volunteering role. Our Strategic Plan endeavours to ensure members who volunteer do so in purposeful roles that contribute to the achievement of our strategic goals. In addition, our Strategic Plan will assist the Committee in making decisions relating to how and where we spend club money.
Below are the Strategic Focus Areas and Goals from our Strategic Plan (2018 - 2021).
Strategic Focus Areas and Goals
  • Build leadership capability within the membership.
  • Succession planning for leadership roles at the club.
  • Maximise membership experience.
  • Increase parent engagement.
  • Ensure a holistic approach to member development.
  • Provide contemporary membership options.
  • Efficient delivery of timely and relevant information to members.
  • Effective stakeholder engagement to build collaboration and engagement.
  • Identify and implement ICT solutions to enhance communication practices.
Business Development
  • Optimise access to funding to reduce reliance on traditional primary revenue streams.
  • Increase revenue.
  • Identify and grow a portfolio of new partners.
  • Enhance existing portfolio of partners.
  • Design an organisational structure that facilitates succession planning.
  • Establish a workforce who feel empowered and appreciated in their roles.
  • Have sufficient depth and quality of coaches to meet the demand of team numbers.
  • Every family to undertake a volunteer role throughout the season.