Hamersley's Values

Our Club Values
The Hamersley values are extremely important to the club. The values are Belonging, Respect and Professionalism. They exist to guide behaviour and decision making, and are the foundation of our club culture. This means the actions of all members, including parent members, should be inline with the values. To help with understanding what our values look like we’ve included a few examples below:
  • Showing care to your teammates and their families.
  • Saying "Hi" to someone else wearing a Hamersley top, even if you don’t know them.
  • Sharing your pride in the club with others and speaking positively about the club and its members.
  • Being kind in your communications, even if you're unhappy with whatever has happened.
  • Remembering the Hamersley workforce (coaches, managers and committee) are volunteers, so consider the impact your actions might have on their time commitments (i.e. if you can’t make a game let your coach know with as much notice as possible - as the process to get a fill-in player takes time).
  • Listening to others, working hard and completing everything required of you to the best of your ability.
  • Wearing the Hamersley uniform with pride (i.e. don’t leave your Hamersley jumper on the ground).
  • Being prepared.
  • Striving for excellence.
With regards to professionalism, we’d like to clarify, that our value of professionalism doesn’t mean that Hamersley is a “Professional” club with “Professional” coaches who are paid. We are a grassroots community club run by members for members. Volunteers are the backbone of our club. If a request comes to you to volunteer throughout the year it’s key that you put your hand up to help out. We appreciate everyone is busy, however Hamersley will not be able to continue the work it does to the same high standard if we don’t have the volunteer workforce behind us.
Do you know someone who lives these values?
If you know someone in the club who has demonstrated that they live our values of Belonging, Respect and Professionalism you can nominate them to our President.