Legends Honour Board

In order to reward players for long service and loyalty to the club, the Hamersley Netball Club Committee created the Autoparts Toyota Legends Award. This award recognizes the time and commitment made by a club member both as a player and representing Hamersley Netball Club. To achieve HNC Legend status a player must meet the minimum criteria and accrue a minimum of 500 points - view our Awards Handbook for full details.
HNC Legends
2023 Amy Drudi (nee Fuller)
2020 Hayley Butler
Annie McKendry
2019 Taryn Barley (nee Smith)
2018 Wendy Atkinson
Adrienne Lang
2016 Michelle Cox (nee Cairney)
2015 Aimee Armstrong (nee Pense)
2009 Kelly Holton
2006 Janine Friday (nee Berry)
2004 Donna Holton
Kristy Young
2003 Tracey Pemberton
2001 Kylie Hall
Katie Mitchinson
Sheree Pemberton
1997 Janine Birkett (nee Adcock)
Jane Hamburg
Helen Knight
Michelle Piper
Cindie Williamson