Photography Guidelines

At the end of every season we have Annual Awards presentations. During these presentations, whilst everyone is eating, we show game photos taken during the season of every team. Below are tips and guidelines to help you take the best photos and how to submit them.
It is the duty of every manager to ensure that either they take some photos or delegate a parent(s) or approved photographer to take photos of their respective team during the season.
Before taking any photos on a Saturday, photographers must first check the WDNA scorecard. If the opposition team or umpire does not give their consent for photography there will be an alert sticker on the scorecard.
Tips And Guidelines For Taking Photos
  • Ensure the camera or mobile phone you are using is set to take very high-resolution photos. This is because after you have submitted your photos we can then zoom in and produce tight crops of the action whilst keeping the quality. i.e. the end pictures will not look pixelated.
  • If possible make sure the device you are using is set to take photos at a 16:9 aspect ratio. On an iPhone DO NOT USE "Square" setting.
  • Landscape photos are preferred, avoid taking portrait photos if possible.
  • Try and get as close to the action as possible and avoid taking photos from distance using pinch zoom. Pinch zoomed photos can look pixelated.
  • Avoid taking photos in low-light conditions; a bright sunny day will always produce a better photo. However, if your team is in a grand final and it happens to be an overcast day or raining we will brighten your photos for you.
  • The majority of your photos should be action shots of game play but warm-ups, group huddles, team discussions etc. make for interesting photos as well.
  • Any photo taken which does not include other netball club players, umpires or WDNA officials can be used on our website, social media or Hamlets.
  • Please do not submit video footage of your team. We cannot include these in the slideshow due to time constraints.

How To Submit Your Photos
  • Photos must be submitted to your team manager at their ORIGINAL SIZE. If you are emailing photos to your team manager DO NOT let your email app reduce them in size. The best solution is to send a few photos per email at their original size over several emails. This prinicipal applies to texting photos as well.
  • When submitting your photos please ensure they have not been cropped.
  • At the start of the season managers will be invited via email to their team's own personal Dropbox folders by our Website Coordinator Sally Johnson.
  • If you would like your Dropbox invite to be sent to an alternative email address please let our Website Coordinator Sally Johnson know.
  • The naming of the folders will state the maximum allowed number of photos you can submit.
  • During the season you are free to add or delete photos as you wish to Dropbox and they may be featured on Social Media, in the Hamlet, on the website or used for promotional purposes. At the end of the season you will end up with a collection of your best photos which will not exceed your maximum allowed amount. Please contact our Website Coordinator when you are happy with your final collection so we can start to download them.
  • Deadlines for submitted photos are 1 week after the Grand Finals.
  • If you have any problems or have any questions please contact our Website Coordinator.