Coach’s Award

In 2020 Hamersley Netball Club introduced a Coach’s Award. The award is not intended to be the team’s Fairest and Best player but is chosen by the team coach based on the following criteria:
Regular attendance and 100% effort at training and games.

Team Player - puts team before self.

Accepts feedback and puts it into play.

Happy to do whatever is asked of them – doesn’t question coach’s decisions.

Encourages and supports her teammates.

Always respectful to teammates, officials and opposing teams.

Consistent sportsmanship.

Standout improvement.

Professionalism – punctual, communicates, wears the Hamersley uniform with pride, prepared.

Always strives to “be the best you can be”.

Congratulations to the 2020 recipients of the Coach's Award

Team 1
Meg Gibson
Team 2
Emily Alexander
Team 3
Marli Hughes
Team 4
Jasmine Prentice
Team 5
Hayley Butler
Team 6
Nakeiyah Pitt
Team 7
Luca Van Der Merwe
Team 8
Sandie Beard
Team 9
Anna Charles
Team 10
Ariana Ellery
Team 11
Molly Hickmott
Team 12
Kyah Bolam
Team 13
Giorgia Pezzando
Team 14
Zayla Walters
Team 15
Ella McPhail
Team 16
Ella Holmes
Team 17
Isabella Trandos
Team 18
Jordan Pope
Team 19
Josie Hicks
Team 20
Trinity Mavor
Team 21
Olivia Bowles
Team 22
Ryleigh Brown
Team 23
Jade Koch
Team 24
Brooke Fevre
Team 25
Daisy Rose Breeze
Team 26
Darcee Waghorn