Sportsmanship Award

Monica Holton Medal

The Development Unit are proud to announce worthy joint recipients of the 2020 Sportsmanship Award. Both winners have shown enormous maturity, generosity and commitment to Hamersley Netball Club this season through their eagerness to support a team who had to run with only seven players in this delayed and shortened COVID season due to illness, injury and withdrawals. With the assistance of these young athletes, Team 12 made it all the way to the Grand Final, an amazing feat!

Congratulations Scarlett Clarke

Scarlett is a natural leader. She is vocal, respectful and always strives to be the best she can be. She embraced the challenge to play up in 18U and conducted herself extremely well across the games she played. Usually, Scarlett umpires all day after playing her games on a Saturday, however in order to be available for Team 12 (just in case they needed her) she advised WDNA that she may not be able to umpire during finals fixtures. Thank you Scarlett for putting the club before your own umpiring endeavours.

Congratulations Honey Harrington

Honey lives and breathes netball. It’s her only sport and she dedicates herself to it wholeheartedly. Honey is new to the club in 2020, and from the first zoom meeting she embraced everything Hamersley stands for and promotes. She was always willing to help out teams above and come finals proactively asked if Team 12 would need her to fill in. Thank you Honey for assisting Team 12, especially as you had to forego opportunities to umpire finals at that timeslot, in order to support the club.
Team 14 coach, Dan Coleman wrote that he couldn’t think of two better people to win this award which is a fantastic testament to these two deserving members.
Annie McKendry, Team 12 coach, described Honey and Scarlett coming to every game full of energy and positive attitudes. The way they played in the weeks they supported the team would not have indicated that they had already played a game of netball in the timeslot prior. The girls both went on court with hunger, running hard and chasing down intercepts.
Coming up to the 18U division can be a challenge at times for younger athletes, however Honey and Scarlett took that challenge on and excelled. All of the players from Team 12 had only great things to say about both girls at the games and trainings, and are extremely grateful to Honey and Scarlett for being there to support the team.