Team 1

Open Division 1

A new look group of athletes came together in this year’s shortened season as Team 1 and quickly combined to be a force to be reckoned with each Saturday afternoon.
Sarah Campbell was voted Captain by her peers with Joely Carroll and Georgia Morgan in joint Vice Captain roles. As a leadership group we were immediately struck by the bond and energy that was generated from week one of the season, and this continued with us finishing the rounds as Minor Premiers (with some huge quarter and game scores) then all the way through to grand final day taking out Division 1 Open Premiership for the first time since 2017.
Grand Final celebration video
A fantastic win in horrendous conditions where the shots flew back at our shooters without even hitting the ring in the first quarter, to take the game by 16 goals against Northern Raiders was a testament to trust, talent and teamwork.
Thank you to Molly, Joely and Cambo who joined in Tuesday trainings on a weekly basis with Fogs and Teams 2 and 3 – we worked hard and had fun which was important as the rest of our team were training with their respective WANL clubs.
A massive thank you to my Manager Carissa who had to cover being my sounding board and bringing me weekly hydration to wiping down goal post pads, you were an amazing support and it was great working with you.
To the players, it has been a pleasure to coach and watch you combine in a variety of different positions – from 11 to 9 we had it covered with you all happily stepping into positions whenever I asked you. A joy to coach and a joy to be around, even when you throw double overhead passes. Congratulations on a wonderful and most successful 2020 season!! Love you all xxx
By Beth Harvey