Team 3

Open Division 3

2020...Geezus!! Did you teach us a thing or two or what?
Our focus for this year was to appreciate - in every essence of the word. For it could have been a very different situation, given the COVID-19 world pandemic. Every game, we made sure we did two things:
This meant everything about the game. Having a season to play for, for starters. The teamwork that results in a turnover, followed by a conversion. An inspiring passage of play. The joy of a solid game resulting in a win. And the list goes on.
Have fun & smile
As players, so many times we get hammered about the sh*t pass we did or the flat lead we made and forget about the actual joy this great game offers.
It is so important to remember that netball should be an outlet for you. If there is one thing that this dodgy year has reinforced, is that the need for human interaction, laughter and sense of community is a necessity. Our mental health is just as important as our physical when tackling any netty season, let alone a season that had such restrictions laid upon it.
I am so proud of our team in more ways than I can express in a 300 word count. Every game the banter was strong, but our mindset, team spirit and gameplay was even stronger. Resulting in a thrilling, hard fought win in the Big GF.
To Tracey my Manager, sorry if I ever caused you panic or distress. There is a method to my madness, I promise. You were awesome. Thank you!
Ladies, I am forever thankful. I not only learnt so much from every single one of you, but you made me feel comfortable in my quirky ways. This ranged from my playlist, sideline banter and the inability to sit, let alone stand still while coaching.
By Sarah Fogliani