Team 5

Open Division 4

I didn’t even want to coach Opens! But, I am so glad I did.
To all of my players you truly made the season special. After a couple of games I realised that we might win the flag, so I decided to glory hunt and stay on.
Grand Final celebration video
As a first-time Open coach, it was daunting to think how the players may react, especially when there are so many good coaches and players within the squad. However, you all made me feel welcome, embraced the sessions I planned and sometimes actually listened.
I learned lots, had a laugh and my respect and fondness for you all grew every week.
  • Fogs doing press ups mid-game.
  • Ando’s vision and class.
  • Adrienne’s holds and looks of disdain to defenders.
  • The freak of nature that is Brooke (fingers).
  • Hayley’s constant love of the club and her team.
  • Mon’s laugh and desire to improve every week.
  • Nicole being the most selfless person I have ever known.
  • Mikaela’s development, control and constant sore shins.
  • Annie’s crazy grin and constantly reminding me she can play anywhere.
  • Loz, for not knowing how much self-potential she has and accepting being Captain.
Oh, and Fogs again. Show boating and commentating whilst playing.
Lastly, a massive thank you to Trish for being our manager and general organiser.
Thank you all, we were invincible!
By Dan Coleman