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At the beginning of every month we are going to re-publish the Hamlets of yesteryear starting with our first digital versions from 2011. In August we will re-publish the 2012 Hamlets, September will be the 2013 Hamlets and so on. These newsletter Hamlets are all treasure troves of nostalgia and personal achievements, and we really hope you enjoy reading them. They will be emotional trips down memory lane for many of you and a glimpse into the past for our newer and younger members. Every year will have its own comments section, so feel to leave a comment. Do you have a news story to share in our next 2019 Hamlet? Please email any info to Annie McKendry, our Hamlet Coordinator.
2011 Hamlets
Written & designed by
Hayley Butler
Issue 1
April 2011
Issue 2
May 2011
Issue 3
June/July 2011
Issue 4
August 2011
Issue 5
September 2011

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